2009 – A YEAR IN REVIEW part I

Through out this past year we learned more about how to keep healthy. Here is a summary of some things GOOD for us:

GOOGLING: yes this internet search engine that many of us use helps to stimulate and challenge the brain. Just an hour a day spent trawling information increases blood flow to crucial parts of the brain that can help cognitive skills. (I can feel the blood flow now as I write this and you read this!)


Having a “looking up” attitude pays. A study of 100,000 mid aged and older women who were classified as optimists showed that 14% of them are more likely to be alive then pessimistic counterparts over 8 years time.


No matter how you slice’m or dice’m food products directly from the earth are still the best nutrition we can eat.

Hands down nothing’s better. These nutrient filled foods deliver powerful minerals, vitamins, water, proteins and carbohydrates in neat packages.


Having a close sister or friend increases your odds of being happy and well adjusted. Being able to express your thoughts and feelings, open up emotions and feeling connected to humankind translates into better mental health. Study author Tony Cassidy says: “Sisters appear to encourage more open communications and cohesion in families.”

Being GOOD to you is the first and best thing to have great health. Take some time to assess your health status: what are you doing for good brain function? How good are your relationships and then kick your stressful thoughts out for good. Last but not least how good are your foods?

Vow to make the necessary changes starting now.


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