About Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne

Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne is a naturopathic doctor (ND) with 50+ years of experience in medicine.

She graduated 1990 from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland OR with honors in clinical medicine. An earlier career in critical care medicine as an RN eventually led her to discover natural medicine that really helps the body heal itself. Her interest lies in education and sharing her knowledge on how to stay optimally well on the aging journey. Misleading medical paradigms tell most people to accept chronic ailments as normal.

Dr. Jeanne offers great insights into getting the most out of life through optimal nutrition and hormone balance. Dr. Jeanne is currently an adjunct faculty at National College of Natural Medicine teaching since 1992. In 2013 she became certified as a facilitator for Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life work and now conducts classes, workshops and teleconferences encouraging people to go within to heal.

She is also a grandmother of three, loves yoga,  gardening, the outdoors and resides with furry friends at her lovely northwest home. Join Dr. Pamela Jeanne on DaoCloud. 

Dr. Pamela Jeanne: How is she different?

In working with clients Dr. Jeanne has a 5 step process in hormone recovery and life balance called the LASSE STEPS:

You are more than a medical form, numbers on a lab sheet, or a blood pressure reading.  In depth listening is essential to understanding your unique medical problem. During your visit you will be listened to very well to understand what getting in the way of your optimal health and wellness
Foremost, your information is gathered together to achieve the clearest picture of your unique situation. Using listening skills and active interaction, Dr Jeanne will learn what makes you special. In this assessment laboratory testing may be necessary, but intuition is also an important tool used. Working with Dr. Jeanne is a partnership with you at the helm.
With multiple natural medical tools in hand, together we will find the best lifestyle adjustments for your health and wellness. Partnership with Dr. Jeanne and along with  your significant relationships, family & community is essential in getting healthy and staying in optimal health.
Each step of regaining health and recovery, support is here for you. Dr. Jeanne’s unique and flexible programs are customized for each individual. Support comes via quick phone check in and/or email to clarify your program.
You will be back to feeling good again, energy will be restored to newer levels and life will look & feel  good again! When your energy is youthful,  joy is abundant