When do we begin aging? This is a complex question with multiple responses.

Recent research shows that cognitive decline can begin as early as our mid to late 20′s. Physical degeneration depends most commonly on lifestyle. How well we sleep, how much joy and laughter is infused in our activities along with quality food we ingest all play a role in keeping our minds and bodies at peak performance.

Another factor is our sense of belonging whether it is to family, social, spiritual groups or close friends. Finding gratitude and forgiveness is a huge influence to well being. Releasing fear and hurt from current or past experiences can literally save your life.

What part of the body ages first and how does it affect quality of life?

This is the most complicated part and the answer is very individual.

At Natural Medicine Works the goal is to help you as an individual find that wisdom place of balance that brings you joy, inner contentment and physiological balance. Most often we already know what we need; supportive health coaching and sage recommendations can keep you headed in the right direction. Studies are clearly showing the most important factor in aging is our attitude!

To age like goddess means taking  excellent care of the body, and also spending time nurturing our mind and soul.

If sleep is poor, work with a practitioner to improve not only the quantity but quality of sleep. Deep restful sleep is essential for body repair and improved energy. Many natural formulas can ease tension, relax the body and allow stress hormones to fall, thus allowing sleep to follow.

Movement keeps cells vital and regenerating. I enjoy yoga, you may love Tai Chi or dance classes. Just do something that feels like fun! Gardening, walking, swimming and bicycling also adds benefit. Find an exercise friend and go together.

Spend time wisely in contemplation and meditation.  Find joy and gratitude with the simplest things in life. Appreciate loved ones and do kind acts for others. Trust your inner wisdom; it’s the best information for you.