The Wisdom of Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a broad topic when looking at choices for staying healthy. “NEWSTART” is an old mnemonic coined 75-100 years ago from nature cure practitioners who addressed these important areas for quality of life enhancement. The modern western culture in which we are now immersed pulls us away from health promoting habits and draws us toward dis-ease producing life habits (AKA addictions).

N = nutrition: eating only nutrient dense unprocessed foods.
E = exercise: regular and enjoyable movement of the body every day.
W = water: drinking plentiful amounts of pure water.
S = sunshine: exposure to regular but moderate amounts of natural sunshine/light daily.
T = temperature: maintaining an even and natural body temperature.
A = air: deep breathing natural fresh air.
R = rest: adequate rest and refreshing sleep everyday.
T = Temperance: a belief in a higher spiritual power and/or a connection to our great earth mother/universe.

Following this guide can help restore and optimize health. There are a plethora of books from these early health zealots along with a resurgence of practitioners today who continue to encourage a “NEWSTART” lifestyle.


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