The Wisdom of Nutrition

Grandmothers and mothers of all time have known the power of good food for their tribe, clan or family. Survival depended upon good and plentiful food and nutrition. Women are the historical caretakers of the family unit and archeological evidence is clear she was the first farmer of the land.

Today it is even more important for us to identify “good” food. Confusion abounds on what is the best “diet” to follow. Food manufacturers have convinced the public to eat out of fancy attractive packages. The government has blindly followed the conventional medical system’s nutritional advice. The outcome is that America today is in chronic disease crises.

The good news is that there are clear answers in nutritional wisdom. Many factors need to be addressed such as the health of the digestive system, current or past use of drugs, surgeries that may comprise your food absorption, allergies or food intolerance, the persons age (infants and the elderly need special attention) and how well the elimination process is functioning. Added to this mix is toxic build up in the body that may need to be addressed. Optimizing health takes time, attention and a professionally trained practitioner.


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