I Did It!

Completing My Dare.

Last blog I wrote about my challenge of a deep fear. Underwater.

I must admit it was a long way to travel to meet my fear, and was it worth it? Not only was it exciting to go extra miles, I was appreciative to be in warm waters of Mexico. Well worth the trip.

As I donned the heavy equipment required to suspend in deeper water (okay it was only 6 feet deep), I felt the responsibility of learning how to breath into a ventilator, get water out of my face mask, adjust my weight belt, and coordinate my fin feet to move all at the same time. It felt daunting not only when balancing the scuba tank, I had to eject water that accumulated in the mask. Simple task you may think, but when you’re trying to stay afloat and forget what to do next, water gets right up your nose. Not so successful!

Swimming like a fish in water was good exercise and thank goodness for my floatation jacket in some of the maneuvers. Being a good sport, I completed the hour plus exercise in the hotel swimming pool. No risks here. Not relishing to be in water over my head, I managed to navigate with all the equipment. And I did it!  Kudos to advance scuba divers, they have my utmost respect for their feats at the bottom of the ocean.

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-1-32-09-pmFor many years it has been an unspoken apprehension being immersed in deep water, and now I got to experience the dread again. This endeavor has taught me several things:

  • It is possible to step up closer to a fear and learn from it.
  • Not all fears need to completely met or walked through, rather they can be better understood by coming even nearer to the challenge.
  • Fear does not have to stop you, rather it can become a mindful lesson.

I know this experiment can be repeated again, with more time, practice and patience. This first underwater exposure was like dipping my toe to feel what it would be like. I love myself for taking the chance, to feel first-hand my fear. Fear is identified as: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Now that I have taken this step, I now see my ability to move forward, not held back like being frozen. Fear is a life blocker and an energy robber. By doing this experiment I have unblocked my hesitancy to do something perceived as fearful.

What fear may be interfering in your life? Ask yourself the question and sit with it. And wait…

Being free means releasing fears and being more open to what life is offering. The truth is that you deserve to have openness and clarity and it begins with self-honesty in our fear.

Dare To Defy Aging

How Old Do You Believe You Are?

The concept of aging is changing (thank goodness), however sometimes old beliefs or concepts of what it means to age may live deeper in your unconscious mind. If that is true, unknowingly we can make decisions based on an old buried idea of what it means to age. For an example, if you feel less energetic you could say internally, “It must be because I am just getting old”.

Adding fear of becoming inept as we get older increases fuel to the aging fire.

Belief systems direct aging

Continuing to hold aging fears may lead to engaging in fewer activities, which turns into more sitting at home, losing interest in life, reducing muscle mass, further leading to more inactivity. Sort of a downward spiral begins.  Beliefs often start by what we witness in our family, our community and the culture.

If your grandparents live to 75 year of age, you may believe that you’ll have the same pattern and begin to plan your demise. If these same grandparents and/or parents have chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes or cancer, you too may be convinced it is your fate. Most chronic diseases we see today research has confirmed are not genetic, but rather lifestyle caused.

Fortunately, the current baby boomer generation is not willing to slow down and resign to a nursing home. By becoming pro-active, this group has helped shift consciousness around the process of aging. This is not anti-aging (actually an oxy-moron), but a commitment to age wisely, strongly and well. Studies have clearly shown that mind set and beliefs around aging is a huge factor in being well into later decades.

Factors to consider:

  • Be proud of the years you hold. They are well earned!
  • Continue to challenge or even dare to do something very different.
  • Surprise yourself as well as family and friends with new accomplishments.
  • Make it enjoyable whatever you decide to do.
  • Avoid the fixation of “living on a fixed income”; get creative with your life and money. Working as a greeter at Walmart maybe fun after all.

The most helpful thoughts you can choose to have is gratitude for what life has given you and the wonderful life you now have. A shift into a positive attitude can make a tremendous difference for you. Put dare into your life and be the recipient of renewed experiences.

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What’s Wrong With Aging?

American culture has a strange view on aging. In general our population denies aging – as if it’s not going to happen. What makes aging so wrong? The facts are that we age the moment we are born. Cells in the body die which are consistently replenished. In youth it happens quickly and unnoticed; in older ages that process has slowed. Cell replacement  still happens until we do actually die. There is nothing wrong with aging as a process. Aging just has different speeds.

In aging the rate of replacing worn out cells is based on factors in which we actually do have some control. Genetics plays a role, but lifestyle actually trumps genetics.


How we live day to day matters quite a bit, in fact how we think, feel, move, nourish ourselves, rest and sleep plays a huge role in the aging process. Stress by far is the biggest component to how well we age.

We all have some stress living the American lifestyle, but it is how we respond to stress that creates the problem. The glass half full vs. half empty attitude makes a huge difference.

Author Lauren Kessler wrote Counterclockwise in 2013 and did many anti-aging self-experiments. Her conclusion was clear as a bell: how we think about aging is what ages us!

Chronological vs. Biological Aging

We grow up and start freaking out on our 30th birthdays. By the time we hit 50 we are buying the casket with all the disparaging jokes made about getting old.

Dr. Christiane Northrup is an exciting voice speaking out about how to honor aging by gloriously stepping into our older years with grace and ease. She reminds us that we are not necessarily the numbers of years on the calendar, but biologically young by how well we take care of our bodies and mind. I totally agree with her and feel better and more vibrant now than 20 years ago. I endorse her book Goddesses Never Age where she encourages women to enhance human biology by changing aging attitudes.

In this period of time attitudes are changing about getting older and better. Boomers are smarter and asking for what they want, which does not include the end of their life spent in a nursing home facility.


First, we must honor elderhood. Many other wise cultures already pay respect and are inclusive to aging family members. As a young country, America has yet to learn this.

Second, one needs to take full responsibility for excellent self-care – no excuses.

Thirdly, releasing old resentments, past traumas, and regrets and living fully each and everyday in appreciation for life is the best way to assure health as we age.

Embrace all your years with enjoyment and gratitude. Rediscover the things that lift you and then do it! Add love to the mixture, starting with you first. Make aging right.


Spiral and look within!

Spiral and look within!





Healing Takes Time



When Life gives you a big hiccough and turns your world on its side, navigating daily activities is a challenge. Fortunately, the human body and psyche are resilient. Recovery from such an upset maybe as short as a few months or up to a year or more. Each person has their own healing timeline; there is no known amount of time it takes to recover. Events such as this happen to everyone in their lifetime and sometimes more than once.

It recently happened to me. I found myself partnerless and in daze for some time.

Life changing events are a growth spurts; I call it an opportunity  to look within and learn what my part has been and where to go next. Often times (although not always) the outcome on the other side is much better than before.

Healing Takes Time

Now that some time has passed and I feel refreshed, I am ready to embrace what life now has to offer. This is a clear indication one has moved beyond the crisis. Still some days I allow myself to grieve, be slow and only do essential things. Being gentle with myself  during this transition has brought me to a place of loving myself more than I did previously. Healing does take time and it’s a good thing.

My gratitude goes to Louise Hay teaching and philosophy, which I have embraced fully into my life. Taking a trip to Thailand in January 2015 to further study Heal Your Life philosophy and coaching deepened my insights giving me more tools for recovery to help others. I am so appreciative to have rediscovered this work and embrace the fact that healing takes time, thoughtfulness, kindness and a less busy schedule in order to reflect and heal. Often when a hurtful life event occurs, old buried events can resurface giving one an opportunity to heal those as well.

Using  supportive tools like homeopathy lends itself to support the energy of the mind, body and soul. To reconnect with joy, take time to allow healing to evolve. Be patient. Be honest. Be kind.

Come back to yourself….

Spiral and look within!

Spiral and look within!

On Turning 70 with Red Boots On!

From zero to 70 in a flash! That is what it feels like as I reflect my last 70 years of life. Successes and failures have been woven into my life, all teaching me something.  It is my hope to never stop learning. I have figured out that now that I have turned 70, the rest of life is easy!
 Last Saturday friends and family gathered to mark this auspicious decade with me. Sentiments were shared about what my life has meant to other others; expressing thoughts of love, warmth, healing and kindness.
Never sure how others viewed me, it was deeply refreshing to hear the words spoken about my work, genuine love for me and how I connect to others.  Letting in these words of sincerity and cheer is easier than ever before. Taking in and feeling the resonance, I am so grateful to be alive celebrating  my life.
Everyone deserves to hear such kind messages and to celebrate a well lived life.
What have been my biggest challenges? Learning to love myself and letting go of that inner critic! I now understand ( it’s called wisdom) the importance of being present in each moment, listening to others, welcoming  the connection to other beings, and letting go of comparison with the world. I now realize that some things really don’t matter that much.  Thank Goddess, life has gotten easier.
What will the next decade bring? I invite more adventure and travel, create time in the garden building ever more beauty,  spend quiet time with meaningful people with deep conversations and play with babies!
 One of the best gifts I received for my birthday are these RED cowgirl boots!
Pamela in boots
I want to kick up more fun and sass!  These boots represent the quiet rebel living inside who wants to be herself completely. I believe that as I age what keeps me going is my vitality and an even greater zest for life. Yahoo!
 I feel strong, vibrant and ready for continuing  adventures and creative projects. I look forward to  next decade to unfold! Will you ride with me with your red boots?
May all birthdays be celebratory! Pamela

Live To 120?



There is an ongoing discussion about living beyond 100 years in the “anti-aging” world. Today I read in the May 2014 naturopathic journal NDNR, an article by Dr. Millie Lytle where she shared research that confirms some facts about the cell longevity.  Two of the biggest factors that influence aging are inflammation and the health of the immune system.  As a general statement, a body functions well when not inflamed and our host defense system is strong and active. Proudly, I can say, naturopathic medicine has continually promoted health from this perspective.

It is true that genetics have a role, but it is becoming more clear that keeping cells healthy supports genetics which is known as epigenetics. In other words, the support system has to be in great shape too. Even if you have good genes, if the body is neglected genes won’t necessarily save you.

So if you want to live to 120 in a healthy state, which is now considered possible,  boost up what you’ve been given. Reduce inflammation by eating well, remove inflaming activities (high stress) in your life, and  give the immune system all the help it needs.

In a great book titled Counterclockwise  by Lauren Kessler, the author wrote about how she self experimented on what keeps us from aging. Her take away is what you belief about aging matters the most! What do you believe on how you will age? It is an important clue!

Maca Helps with Vitality

A relatively little known herb called Maca (lepidium meyenii)  gives a surprising boost for energy and vitality. It is related to radish and turnips and really should be considered a medicinal food.

This Peruvian grown plant has been well used by people in Peru for centuries. It is considered a nutritional food with about 60-75% carbohydrates, 10-14% protein. It is used as a food for humans and animals in Peru. The latest craze when Maca was introduced to the U.S. was as an aphrodisiac improving sexual function, but there are mixed reviews about this effect.

Its value is the property of increasing vitality and endurance. It provides support to the central nervous system (CNS), so as a food it is supportive and nurturing to the CNS. In my research I found numerous studies that support its use with relatively low side effects.

In a small study of menopausal women who took Maca for 6 weeks they reported symptoms of depression and anxiety reduced even though hormone levels did not change. Another study did show a similar positive effect for men.

A paper published in 2003 from the Czech Republic reviewed the many chemical constituents; they concluded how useful Maca can be for chronic disease including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic fatigue.

Here is my suggestion:

  • Use Maca as a medicinal food in moderation to improve energy and stamina, support healing in the body with chronic illness.
  • Use Maca for menopausal support.
  • Purchase from a reliable source such as Herb-Pharm who is a conscientious herbal collector who works with sustainability of all its products.
  • Maca comes in a dried powder or liquid tincture. I like to use  the powder and add to  smoothies.

This is another way to  become actively involved in your own wellness program and supporting vitality. If you have questions you can email me at healyourlife13@gmail.com



Estriol – Natural Hormone Balance in Aging Skin for Women

Dry Aging Skin

 For women, aging is a complex issue. There are numerous physical changes that will be faced as the decades move on.  Many women want to retain some youthful essence and feel concerned as the aging process brings on skin changes. Skin ages differently for each woman during and after menopause, and it is related to several factors, including natural hormone balance.

The biggest factors that influences aging skin is a type of tissue under the skin called collagen along with the amount of circulating hormones.

Importantly, collagen supports the structure of the skin, is high in youthful skin and declines with aging. As collagen is lost along with estrogen hormones,  wrinkles appear and skin feels and looks dried out.

There is Help!

 Several nutrients along with hormones directly influence collagen. Vitamin C is quite important because it helps to synthesize collagen. Vitamin C also is important for immune health and cardio-vascular health. learn more about Vitamin C. Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA in particular) are very helpful in keeping skin moist and collagen healthy.

Several hormones are also important contributors for healthy collagen. Growth hormone, which is very high in youth, holds an important place for healthy collagen.

For women estrogens are key in the aging skin process. With the onset of menopause, skin changes are quite apparent. Estrogens drop rapidly, and while a woman maybe concerned about hot flashes and sleeplessness, her skin is also being affected by this estrogen loss.

As a naturopathic physician and care provider for women I believe a woman can maintain healthy looking skin by using a safer form of estrogen called estriol.

Estriol is a natural hormone that has been well-studied especially in Europe. European women have been using estriol for decades. When prescribed for women, it has very few side effects. Estriol is a sister to estradiol, the stronger female hormone, but without the unwanted side effects. Estriol is produced in high levels during pregnancy so we know its safety.

For my clients who want to maintain healthy skin collagen, and to look younger and relieve dryness associated with aging, estriol can be used topically on the face and neck, and be simply wonderful for restoring some skin fullness and youthfulness. I have been prescribing this hormone for many years and have found it to be a welcome relief for natural support to skin.

aging photo

 Celebrate Healthy Aging!

Beautiful Skin – Part 2

In the last blog I wrote about the skin as the great protector and the largest organ of the body. More external and extraneous ingredients than you realize are absorbed via skin cells and lymph channels. The lymph channels are essential in carrying away waste products and other debris that are absorbed via the skin. Read more about the lymph system.

Well then what is safe to put onto skin’s surfaces? There is so much confusion on this question and here are some clarifying points to consider.

First, put only ingredients onto your skin that you are willing to put into your mouth.

Some examples are: almond oil, olive oil or other nut butters as well as shea butter (clarified butter with mild solids removed). Additionally look for ingredients such as avocado butter, cocoa butter or jojoba oil as the main ingredient. These types of substances nourish the skin cells thereby not clogging the skin as mineral oil (petroleum by product) and wax products will do. Buyer Beware!

Second, crèmes and lotions need to be free of alcohol, chemicals and preservatives (PABA, Begin by reading the label of your favorite topical lotion on your home shelf. If it contains any ingredient that does not sound is appealing, move it on and look for purely natural products.

Last thoughts about lipsticks and lip balms: Applying either of these on your lips everyday is the same as eating them. Do they contain artificial dyes or are they natural plant based colors? Castor oil and jojoba oil are good ingredients found in some lip products. Find a product line you like and trust that uses ingredients free of unnecessary harmful ingredients.
A few resources for natural skin products are listed below. Notice all the natural ingredients in their products. Where ever you purchase skin products be an avid reader scanning all of the ingredients for more beautiful skin.

Burt’s Bees
Dr. Hauschka skin and make up line
Alba Botanica
Just Natural Skin Care

Women and Their Hormones

It is no joke – hormones make the woman! In her book The Female Brain, Louann Brizendine, MD clarifies the major differences around the hormonal influence upon a woman’s brain. Up until 1990’s research and common medical knowledge saw female brains and their hormones not much different than males. It is a fact that before 1990 few studies were even done on women at all in medical research. It is no wonder we are such a mystery!

Dr. Brizendine MD is a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California and her writing helps us understand that we are not crazy, but instead she tells us how our brains have significant influences by specific female hormones. One hormone more dominant in women is oxytocin. It is the feeling and falling in love hormone and helps mothers bond with their infants. It is one of several hormones that differentiates women from men.

Another misunderstood hormone is progesterone. It is sometimes named the “happy” hormone because of its balancing effects with estrogen. During pregnancy huge amounts are made in the last 3 months of gestation which why some women feel so good during that time.

After birth the levels drop drastically and sometimes never recover to pre-birth levels. Progesterone is also a significant hormone during menopause. Without the proper balance between estrogen and progesterone a woman can feel “off”, irritable, sleepless, moody, fuzzy headed or tired.

The milieu of many hormones helps us feels good or sometimes really bad. The balance of the hormonal symphony is what helps us get up in the morning, crave certain foods, affect our moods, and importantly helps generate energy to keep us going all day long. If you are crashing mid-afternoon, or can barely stay awake after supper, think hormones.

Obtaining symptoms and accurate laboratory results are both essential to successful balancing. Dr. Jeanne has many years of hormone balancing practice. Call or email her to learn how to create harmony, health and balance.

If you feel like this some days…. Hormones may need to be tested!


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