Alcohol is not Brain Food

There is conflicting information about what is healthy regarding alcohol consumption. Some studies say it is good for our cardio vascular system and yet more information is out about its effects on brain size.

Dr. Daniel Amen  (a noted psychiatrist) reports in a newsletter a recent study that confirms that alcohol consumption can actually decrease brain size. In the aging process we naturally loose about 2 percent of brain volume per decade.  The study revealed that greater alcohol consumption leads to brain shrinkage. This seems to be true even for light drinkers (one to seven drinks per week) and women’s brains are affected more than men’s are.

Higher levels of alcohol intake are associated with damage to brain cells, which was recently reported by Roy Morgan Research1 in a study in Australia. One of the problems often associated with drinking alcohol is a compromise in eating wholesome foods. The reduction of natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants may well be a precursor to chronic disease.

Life in moderation is the mantra found in all health modalities. Our bodies are wonderful functional beings and given the right ingredients, we can live long, healthy and happy lives. Enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink. When it becomes a daily demand one must step back and make better health promoting choices.



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