Alkaline Diet

There is a buzz about alkaline diets and alkaline water. What is the fuss and is it real? The truth is that keeping the body in a more alkaline state is healthier. Cells are just happier and therefore function better in a more alkaline environment. On a Ph scale of 0-14, an acid state exists when a fluid registers below 7.0. Stomach acid, for example, is around 1-2 pH. In a more ideal state we want the fluids around cells to be above 7.0. All of the blood in circulation is in a very tight alkaline range (7.35-7.45) almost always or your body will die.
In an acidic environment that is below7.0 pH more inflammation is present. Joints feel achy and painful. In very complex interactions of proteins,minerals, ions and enzymes the balance of particles that are dissolved in body fluids influence the pH.
Why is pH important? More research is clearly showing increased cancer rates, heart disease rates and chronic diseases are associated with acid state inside the body. The great news is what we eat can change our alkaline and acid states.
Drink water instead of soda pop and caffeinated beverages. Eat a higher percentage of fruits and vegetables; the by products create an alkaline environment inside the body. Consume smaller amounts of dense protein like meat fish and eggs, reduce all sugary foods. Fact: sugars increase an acid state.
Health is up to you and an alkaline environment is a great step into wellness.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND
Wellness Aging LLC


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