America’s Secret Addiction – SUGAR!




Sugar is America’s Number One Addiction

I confess my fondness for sweetness in my food has existed for a long time. Even being natural medicine doctor for many years, it has been a challenge to not have sugar of some form in my daily diet.  Back in the 1970’s my interest in eating better began while raising my two sons. I carefully read all label ingredients and refused to buy any package foods containing chemicals, other unrecognizable words and more than 2 sugars (i.e. breakfast cereals). It was my great start to understanding good nutrition.

Currently, the more research I read about the dangers of food loaded with sugar, the easier it is to remove sugar laced foods.  I’d like to reveal to you how these “sugars” have crept into our everyday food intake.  First one has to recognize what actually is a sugar: AKA simple carbohydrate.

Sugars In Disguise:

  • Words ending in ‘ose’ are sugars. Sucrose, fructose, maltose, dextrose & monosaccharaides are more popular types found in almost all packaged food.
  • Common sugars includes: raw sugar, brown sugar, beet sugar, cane sugar, confectioner’s (powdered) sugar, molasses, turbinado, maple syrup, sugar cane syrup, cane juice, invert sugar, malt syrup, and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Flour: the most common one used is white bleached wheat flour, which is a simple starch found in the American diet. This simple carbohydrate readily converts to sugar.
  • Gluten free foods for example contain rice, corn and potato flours which also readily become simple sugars.
  • Fruit juices and lactose in milk contain sugar.
  • HFC = high fructose corn syrup is a cheap sugar manufactured and found in most soft drinks.

Food manufacturers have been very creative in luring people like yourself into buying packaged foods. Prepared foods often taste so good because of the many different starch/sugars. You eat them and  inevitably want more – creating a sugar craving and addiction cycle. Plus the evidence is now clear: high sugar/carbohydrate intake leads to increase fat storage in the body.

So what can I eat?

There are  many foods without high amounts of sugar, and it’s imperative to know what is in food you are eating. Best policy: avoid all package foods! If you have to travel plan your food ahead – seriously.

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What you CAN do:

cashewsI carry nuts and seeds with me. Nut butters (excluding Nutella) are wonderful snacks. Buy your organic veggies, wash and carry cut up carrots, celery, radishes, zucchini and/or some roasted vegetables. All these foods travel well without refrigeration.

Drink water and stop all canned drinks. They all contain some type of sugar or artificial sweetener.

See my recipe blog for more health ideas.

Reducing sugar will improve health and wellness. Sugar, as it is now better understood, is a key player in causing inflammation in the body which is the crux of many chronic diseases today.

Next blog, I will discuss sugar and its association with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Here’s to YOUR health….



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