The Scoop on Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

The evidence is accumulating: the chemicals found in anti-bacterial cleaners like soaps, gels and wipes DO have harmful effects in the body. One such chemical triclosan found in most anti-bacterial cleaners has been studied on human cells; the outcome showing that  triclosan actually weakens muscles!  The chemical interferes with the energy conduction within the muscle itself. Think about how that affects everyday living and levels of human energy. Could this be a factor of why many people feel so tired?
It is an important fact to remember, that whatever is applied to skin surfaces is absorbed into the body.
The concern I raise, is why personal care products do not have the same safety regulation as food.  It is well founded that skin tissues transfer ingredients right into the blood circulation which in turns gets absorbed into all cells of the body. Chemicals like triclosan are found in personal care products and are accepted as benign, when in fact they have not been tested in any human trials for safety.

Another study has shown that other chemicals found in anti-bacterial soaps can interrupt hormones.

What to do?

First, avoid all anti-bacterial products. In general, bacteria live everywhere. Everywhere! Microbes are not the enemy. Most bacteria are good and help keep us healthy. Bacteria live on our skin surfaces and they live inside in our digestive tract in the billions.
Second, wash your hands with regular soap and water, especially before eating. If you have been out in public, touching public railings, door knobs or counters, or have been handling money, do wash your hands afterward. Just regular soap and water will do. In earlier years there was a study done in the hospital where I worked, that clearly showed that washing hands under running water and using mild hand friction (rubbing your hands together) was very effective in reducing the bacterial hand count.

Always be wary of added chemicals whether inside or outside the body and know its purpose. If not known, then we should avoid it!  Go through all your personal care products and discard any containing unfamiliar chemicals. Do your research to find out if the chemical is natural or man-made. Use products containing a natural base of oil and avoid petroleum based products in general.

All these small things count in the quest to stay healthy. Be a consumer detective when you buy personal care products.

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