Aronia Berry – the Heart Saver

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are the big health robbers in our population. In the truest sense of prevention, this information will help you understand Aronia melanocarpa’s  (aka “choke berry”) importance as a nutrient. Reviewing research literature reveals studies showing significant health effects and benefits of aronia’s phytonutrients (plant based) on the body. One study from Bulgaria showed positive results for diabetics which concluded:  “Accumulated data illustrated the hypoglycemic potential (ability to lower blood sugar) of Aronia juice.”1 As a sugar addicted society, aronia can help lower the damage on the heart and blood vessels from the ravages of a poor diet.

Another study in Poland assessed the effects of Aronia Berry’s antioxidant power. “The lead, aluminum and copper concentration was decreased while zinc concentration in red blood cells was increased”. 2.  This has a significant impact by repairing damage to cells in the body. These are only two among many studies on the power of this little berry.

Research is revealing the truth:  Aronia is POWERFUL-something Native Americans have known for centuries. It is available now in a tasteful super food called OKI.

Aronia is the dominant ingredient in OKI with fruits to add sweetness and aloe as its base. There are no added refined or artificial sugars.

Drink 1-2 ounces twice daily for your preventive health program.

1.Effects of Aronia melanocarpa juice as part of the dietary regimen in patients with diabetes mellitus

2.The influence of anthocyanins from Aronia melanocarpa on selected parameters of oxidative stress and microelements contents in men with hypercholesterolemia

What are you doing to stay proactive in your wellness program?  Don’t wait for disease to happen; prevention is far easier than treating disease.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND – an educator and a wise wellness practitioner of 40 years.


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