Beautiful Skin – Part 2

In the last blog I wrote about the skin as the great protector and the largest organ of the body. More external and extraneous ingredients than you realize are absorbed via skin cells and lymph channels. The lymph channels are essential in carrying away waste products and other debris that are absorbed via the skin. Read more about the lymph system.

Well then what is safe to put onto skin’s surfaces? There is so much confusion on this question and here are some clarifying points to consider.

First, put only ingredients onto your skin that you are willing to put into your mouth.

Some examples are: almond oil, olive oil or other nut butters as well as shea butter (clarified butter with mild solids removed). Additionally look for ingredients such as avocado butter, cocoa butter or jojoba oil as the main ingredient. These types of substances nourish the skin cells thereby not clogging the skin as mineral oil (petroleum by product) and wax products will do. Buyer Beware!

Second, crèmes and lotions need to be free of alcohol, chemicals and preservatives (PABA, Begin by reading the label of your favorite topical lotion on your home shelf. If it contains any ingredient that does not sound is appealing, move it on and look for purely natural products.

Last thoughts about lipsticks and lip balms: Applying either of these on your lips everyday is the same as eating them. Do they contain artificial dyes or are they natural plant based colors? Castor oil and jojoba oil are good ingredients found in some lip products. Find a product line you like and trust that uses ingredients free of unnecessary harmful ingredients.
A few resources for natural skin products are listed below. Notice all the natural ingredients in their products. Where ever you purchase skin products be an avid reader scanning all of the ingredients for more beautiful skin.

Burt’s Bees
Dr. Hauschka skin and make up line
Alba Botanica
Just Natural Skin Care


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