Being in Nature

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Today’s tip comes from nature – the greatest healer of all. Taken for granted in this fast pace world being in nature is a great reminder to heed.

“Naturopathic Doctor News and Review” June 2009 contains an article worth mentioning. Could it true that a simple remedy to some of society’s ills can helped by just being in “nature”?  The article’s title “Natural Medicine: The healing effects of exposure to nature.”1 by Dr. Kurt Beil reveals the obvious.

The first example sites a study with college students and their performance on cognitive tests. They performed significantly better in a classroom with a park view rather than a parking lot view. No surprise there.

This next study is the best:

Children diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) were monitored and assessed after playing in one of three settings. 1) Indoor playground. 2) a “built” outdoor playground with asphalt and no greenery, 3) an outdoor playground with grass and trees.

You guessed it – the green and trees helped improve their symptoms significantly.

We innately know how good it feels to be in natural settings and it really helps our general wellbeing.

Sometimes we miss the obvious. To keep healthy and strong there are a lot of remedies, and the best medicine may be just taking the time to be in natural settings. The greener the better. Old family doctors would advise their patient to go the mountains for a rest or reside by the sea to become well.

Where is your nature spot?  Carve out your place and time regularly and you do not need a doctor’s order.


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