Healing Takes Time



When Life gives you a big hiccough and turns your world on its side, navigating daily activities is a challenge. Fortunately, the human body and psyche are resilient. Recovery from such an upset maybe as short as a few months or up to a year or more. Each person has their own healing timeline; there is no known amount of time it takes to recover. Events such as this happen to everyone in their lifetime and sometimes more than once.

It recently happened to me. I found myself partnerless and in daze for some time.

Life changing events are a growth spurts; I call it an opportunity  to look within and learn what my part has been and where to go next. Often times (although not always) the outcome on the other side is much better than before.

Healing Takes Time

Now that some time has passed and I feel refreshed, I am ready to embrace what life now has to offer. This is a clear indication one has moved beyond the crisis. Still some days I allow myself to grieve, be slow and only do essential things. Being gentle with myself  during this transition has brought me to a place of loving myself more than I did previously. Healing does take time and it’s a good thing.

My gratitude goes to Louise Hay teaching and philosophy, which I have embraced fully into my life. Taking a trip to Thailand in January 2015 to further study Heal Your Life philosophy and coaching deepened my insights giving me more tools for recovery to help others. I am so appreciative to have rediscovered this work and embrace the fact that healing takes time, thoughtfulness, kindness and a less busy schedule in order to reflect and heal. Often when a hurtful life event occurs, old buried events can resurface giving one an opportunity to heal those as well.

Using  supportive tools like homeopathy lends itself to support the energy of the mind, body and soul. To reconnect with joy, take time to allow healing to evolve. Be patient. Be honest. Be kind.

Come back to yourself….

Spiral and look within!

Spiral and look within!

On Turning 70 with Red Boots On!

From zero to 70 in a flash! That is what it feels like as I reflect my last 70 years of life. Successes and failures have been woven into my life, all teaching me something.  It is my hope to never stop learning. I have figured out that now that I have turned 70, the rest of life is easy!
 Last Saturday friends and family gathered to mark this auspicious decade with me. Sentiments were shared about what my life has meant to other others; expressing thoughts of love, warmth, healing and kindness.
Never sure how others viewed me, it was deeply refreshing to hear the words spoken about my work, genuine love for me and how I connect to others.  Letting in these words of sincerity and cheer is easier than ever before. Taking in and feeling the resonance, I am so grateful to be alive celebrating  my life.
Everyone deserves to hear such kind messages and to celebrate a well lived life.
What have been my biggest challenges? Learning to love myself and letting go of that inner critic! I now understand ( it’s called wisdom) the importance of being present in each moment, listening to others, welcoming  the connection to other beings, and letting go of comparison with the world. I now realize that some things really don’t matter that much.  Thank Goddess, life has gotten easier.
What will the next decade bring? I invite more adventure and travel, create time in the garden building ever more beauty,  spend quiet time with meaningful people with deep conversations and play with babies!
 One of the best gifts I received for my birthday are these RED cowgirl boots!
Pamela in boots
I want to kick up more fun and sass!  These boots represent the quiet rebel living inside who wants to be herself completely. I believe that as I age what keeps me going is my vitality and an even greater zest for life. Yahoo!
 I feel strong, vibrant and ready for continuing  adventures and creative projects. I look forward to  next decade to unfold! Will you ride with me with your red boots?
May all birthdays be celebratory! Pamela

The Magic of Believing in Yourself

Beliefs are very powerful! The beliefs created that you still are unconsciously following  are formed by about five years of age. As an adult, you carry beliefs about your self-worth, talents, relationships, career, health, and prosperity that were developed in childhood. Some of these ideas are conscious, but many of them reside in the unconscious mind, affecting your behavior without you realizing it. They are like sunglasses, tinting your view of the world. The balance of negative and positive ideas you learned about yourself growing up results in your level of self-esteem.


When beliefs shift,  life can change dramatically if we choose. Come learn more about how you can take charge of how your life is managed.  Here is how you create the magic of believing in yourself:

  • Understand how “unconscious” beliefs have affected you up until now, and what to do to change them
  • Discover how to use affirmations and visualizations to create a path for the future you want
  • Develop a stronger connection with your Inner Guidance
  • Understand how you can be the star of your own life, directing and writing your own script

Date: Sunday July 27th, 2014

Time: 1-4 PM

Place: New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Register by Calling 503.224.4929 

Investment: $30


Create Your Life!

woman thinking


It’s Only Change!

Change or transition in life is inevitable. Often time it is a good change, but can bring up uncertainty around the circumstances of change.

What humans fear most is the unknown. Why is that? We want to feel in control of our lives, but really that is an illusion too. We actually never know when change may occur. Change can bring sadness because we did not expect the change or want the new life situation that a divorce or death of a loved one can bring. But it’s only change! We adapt and flow and move on.

The biggest help we can give ourself is resiliency. The ability to adjust and adapt to new situations is most desirable. Moving through the emotions brought about by change is also a healthy response. And sometimes we just want support. We want a good friend or loved one to just listen to us as we talk our way through change.

With change comes wisdom. We can say, “I’m never going to do that again” or “next time I’ll know how to cope with the changes”. When life throws us a big or little change, breathing deeply helps. Then we can come to know ourself a little more. We can say, “Wow, I got through this and I  am still myself or even better”. Look back on your life and list some of the changes you have gone through. Be amazed at how well you managed it. It is important to give yourself credit for moving on and creating a better and healthier life.  When one door closes, another one opens.

It you want more help with a transition, coaching can be a great resource. Coaches are trained to ask the tough questions of you. Heal Your Life coaching will encourage you to take the difficult steps by first loving yourself unconditionally. I am available for coaching.


Stretch Yourself with Change

The Next Big Step is a seminar for you to consider for support and self care while taking the next steps in your life. Join me at this July seminar to learn how to make the changes with ease and love.




Live To 120?



There is an ongoing discussion about living beyond 100 years in the “anti-aging” world. Today I read in the May 2014 naturopathic journal NDNR, an article by Dr. Millie Lytle where she shared research that confirms some facts about the cell longevity.  Two of the biggest factors that influence aging are inflammation and the health of the immune system.  As a general statement, a body functions well when not inflamed and our host defense system is strong and active. Proudly, I can say, naturopathic medicine has continually promoted health from this perspective.

It is true that genetics have a role, but it is becoming more clear that keeping cells healthy supports genetics which is known as epigenetics. In other words, the support system has to be in great shape too. Even if you have good genes, if the body is neglected genes won’t necessarily save you.

So if you want to live to 120 in a healthy state, which is now considered possible,  boost up what you’ve been given. Reduce inflammation by eating well, remove inflaming activities (high stress) in your life, and  give the immune system all the help it needs.

In a great book titled Counterclockwise  by Lauren Kessler, the author wrote about how she self experimented on what keeps us from aging. Her take away is what you belief about aging matters the most! What do you believe on how you will age? It is an important clue!


What makes skin so important?

The largest organ of the body is skin. Amazing right? As a protector,  skin has many functions and it often needs our understanding and self care participation to stay healthy and clear. Important to note is that the major functions of skin is as an organ of elimination along with protection from outside elements. When we are born our skin is smooth, soft and rosy in color – skin we love to kiss! Over time skin changes occur. The good news is there are preventive and healthful steps you can take to keep skin more beautiful.

Many factors influence skin health and I’ll discuss three important ones.

Nutrition is always a part of healthy looking skin. Vitamin C is one nutrient that keeps skin collagen strong (think sagging skin and wrinkles). As an example, people who smoke loose collagen from vitamin C loss. Another example to demonstrate nutrition and skin eruptions are allergies. Episodes of rashes, hives and other skin problems can be connected to certain foods. Many vitamins and minerals contribute to skin beauty.
Digestive health: as I have said many times, what gets ingested into the body via the mouth and how it exits, affects skin. Toxins are eliminated via the skin if they are not eliminated via the bowel. Further, if the normal bacterial flora (intestinal bacteria) is imbalanced from high stress, or repeated antibiotic use this will affect skin.
Hormonal balance is more insidious, but definitely affects skin texture. Adrenal and thyroid hormones work hand and hand and can have direct effects on skin.  When hormonal life changes occur, both men and women experience changes in skin color, texture and sometimes eruptions. Men and women have hormonal changes mid-life that affect skin quality.
Naturopathic medicine has long understood the inter-connection of body systems. Even before Evidence Based Medicine, natural medicine practitioners  knew the importance of a clean diet, good digestive function. Add peaceful life habits allowing the body to heal itself as a bonus.
Good skin denotes good health and it is truly our great protector. How does your skin look today?
For more in-depth information on skin read here.

Why I Love Naturopathic Medicine

The Naturopathic profession is over 100 years old with growth and expansion each year.  Naturopathic doctors help people get healthy and then coach them to stay healthy. Ironically, I learned on the news today that some chemotherapeutic treatments are coming into the million dollar cost range – some pills as much as $1,000 per pill.

I thought – this is why we ALL need naturopathy! Staying healthy is a major part of lowering cancer risk.  It is not mysterious why chronic illness is rising in western culture. Toxins in the environment and poor nutrition by over consumption of processed foods are the main culprits.

On Saturday April 26th I stood before my profession at a conference in Vancouver BC, along with colleague Dr. Jim Sensnig as we shared our wisdom of natural medicine. We spoke of the six principles that are relatively simple, but that also make sense in the realm of wellness within the  human body, mind and spirit.

Here is the list of Naturopathic Principles as practiced by our wonderful colleagues across America and Canada:

1. Do no harm.

2. The body is a self healing entity.

3. Treat the cause of the illness.

4. Docere = doctor as teacher.

5. Prevention.

6. Treat the whole person.

The best health model is  keeping life simple, learn the true value of your health, and feel empowered and connected by nature and nurture.  Know and practice what is natural and nurturing to the body. Healing is a word derived from wholeness.

Healing vs. Wholeness


To heal is to  become whole again. Curing  only relieves symptoms of the disease, not necessarily restoring wholeness.

Treat The Cause

Treat The Cause

Apply the six principles to your life every day. These tenets of naturopathic medicine are changeless and true to health and well being. Modern conventional medical philosophy is empty of a true healing philosophy.

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