Designing Your New Life

Guided by the Magic of Seasons – Fall!

canstockphoto16623369The purpose of “Designing Your New Life” is to inspire women to recognize their value. This seminar moves you toward living a high quality life. It is created for women in transition or one who wants to regain life’s magic and just needs help designing her new life. Are you moving towards retirement, newly divorced or just desire to do live differently? Bring your life  back into focus by learning a few secrets. You can have a “do over” by understanding principles of mind, beliefs and change.


Individually we are more powerful than most of us realize. Discover that hidden power now. You can make changes you never thought you could! Valerie and Pamela have combined experience of over 50 years helping women discover their inner wisdom. Come and experience deeper power. Pamela recommends two important links: Healing Matters book and You Can Heal Your Life movie.

TESTIMONIALS: “I loved the interaction. It was a nonjudgmental loving atmosphere with a blend of serious and fun (dancing!). I came away with tools I can apply to continue my growth and understanding. “

Facilitators: Dr. Pamela Jeanne & Valerie Lyon MEd, LMT

DATE: Sunday, November 1, 2015 – Celebrate the colorfulness of autumn!

TIME: 1 – 5 PM

PLACE: Circle Health Care

316 NE 28th Ave. Portland, Or 97232


  • The power of your body’s intelligence.
  • The vital nature of self care.
  • How belief is essential for a vibrant life!
  • Learn how essential oils affect your brain chemistry.

As we make our way into a new season, what are you ready to add into your life?

Gift Yourself… The time for YOU is NOW!

Registration includes a copy of Dr. Jeanne’s ebook Healing Matters: Celebrating Woman’s Innate Healing Nature.


Dr. Pamela Jeanne has been a teacher & healer for 50 years helping women realize their true potential through balance. She is a professor at National College of Natural Medicine & a certified Heal Your Life teacher. She published her first book Healing Matters in 2012, that recognizes the gifts that women bring to healing. 

Valerie Lyon, MEd, LMT, oml 1209, doTERRA IPC #16796 has been helping people take charge of their vitality for more than 30 years. She facilitates women to eliminate old physical patterns and embrace more authentic, livelier self-­‐‑expression through bodywork, movement education and Essential Oil education.