Drinking for Your Health (Hydration)

What type of liquids do you drink each day? All cells need hydration to function well. Cell activity is defined by the ability to move bio chemicals in and out of each cell. Since each cell is autonomous it needs its own fluids to bathe it outside as well to move waste products from inside each cell. Take for instance a muscle which is actually a compilation of billions of cells clumped together forming a muscle tissue that performs a movement. What if the liquid (soda pop, alcohol or caffeinated drinks) consumed each day contains substances that impede this movement of the chemicals? A problem can ensue over time.

Recently it was reported that a high intake of cola soft drinks actually caused a loss of muscle strength so severe in several cases that some people were hospitalized. When the cola intake was stopped they completely recovered. Research concluded that the chemicals in the cola drink caused a loss of potassium which is needed by muscle cells to function.

Intake of any liquid on a regular basis needs careful scrutiny. Know all the contents of the liquid you are drinking. Symptoms likely will not suddenly appear but rather creep up over years of consumption. What you are drinking may be hazardous to your health.

Drink pure fresh filtered water, preferably not from plastic bottles. The amount of water varies from 4 – 8 cups (8 oz) per day. Climate and activity will vary your hydration intake. The old adage of drinking 8 glasses/day may not always be accurate. See:  http://www.wikihow.com/Drink-More-Water-Every-Day

View this link to inform yourself of the hazards soda consumption through out life.


Drink for your cells; drink for your health.


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