Drug Research

An excerpt from Dr. Jeanne’s book concerning Drug Research:

When we look at the history of medical research it is surprising to learn how it has been conducted. Even in the recent past  younger adults age 20-40 were often recruited to determine drug efficacy. Most of these recruits were  male medical students. Believe it or not, women test subjects were not studied until 1992!  Prior to that time, men and men alone determined drug effects and side effects.  Imagine how the same drug used on a vital male compared to a 70 or 80-year old woman with a acute or chronic disease, slower working kidneys, and reduced circulatory capacity.  It doesn’t compare at all.  This type of thinking-linear, reductionist thinking has significant limitations.  Science likes to group things together, classify them as the same and then apply broad ideas and treatments.  Given the uniqueness of every individual, this narrow thinking can be downright deadly.

True healing and thoughtful medical care needs to be done on an individual basis.




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