Estriol – Natural Hormone Balance in Aging Skin for Women

Dry Aging Skin

 For women, aging is a complex issue. There are numerous physical changes that will be faced as the decades move on.  Many women want to retain some youthful essence and feel concerned as the aging process brings on skin changes. Skin ages differently for each woman during and after menopause, and it is related to several factors, including natural hormone balance.

The biggest factors that influences aging skin is a type of tissue under the skin called collagen along with the amount of circulating hormones.

Importantly, collagen supports the structure of the skin, is high in youthful skin and declines with aging. As collagen is lost along with estrogen hormones,  wrinkles appear and skin feels and looks dried out.

There is Help!

 Several nutrients along with hormones directly influence collagen. Vitamin C is quite important because it helps to synthesize collagen. Vitamin C also is important for immune health and cardio-vascular health. learn more about Vitamin C. Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA in particular) are very helpful in keeping skin moist and collagen healthy.

Several hormones are also important contributors for healthy collagen. Growth hormone, which is very high in youth, holds an important place for healthy collagen.

For women estrogens are key in the aging skin process. With the onset of menopause, skin changes are quite apparent. Estrogens drop rapidly, and while a woman maybe concerned about hot flashes and sleeplessness, her skin is also being affected by this estrogen loss.

As a naturopathic physician and care provider for women I believe a woman can maintain healthy looking skin by using a safer form of estrogen called estriol.

Estriol is a natural hormone that has been well-studied especially in Europe. European women have been using estriol for decades. When prescribed for women, it has very few side effects. Estriol is a sister to estradiol, the stronger female hormone, but without the unwanted side effects. Estriol is produced in high levels during pregnancy so we know its safety.

For my clients who want to maintain healthy skin collagen, and to look younger and relieve dryness associated with aging, estriol can be used topically on the face and neck, and be simply wonderful for restoring some skin fullness and youthfulness. I have been prescribing this hormone for many years and have found it to be a welcome relief for natural support to skin.

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