Sorting through the internet hype about what is best for skin care can be daunting. Advertisers sell their specialty formulas only  adding  to the confusion. So here are some basic tips to consider.

BASIC FACT: Whatever  substance  is applied  to skin surface is absorbed.  Any lotion, potion, oil, perfume, deodorant, make up, lipstick etc, will penetrate skin layers which  goes directly into blood circulation.  We know this because medications and hormones are delivered in this manner. As an example drug and hormone  levels can be tested and  measured.

Skin is a barrier and also the largest organ of the body.  Not only does skin absorb substances, skin also eliminates waste products and toxins. Therefore it is imperative that our skin ”organ “ be kept clear and functioning well.

Skin products containing petroleum by-products are NOT good for healthy skin. Petroleum (from crude oil) acts as a good protective barrier for skin but does not allow skin to “breathe”.

TIP 1:  Skin cells needs nourishment. Oils that repair the skin by delivering nutrients is the answer. Whatever you apply to the skin you should be willing to also EAT! Some of the best oils to nourish skin are from food like vegetables, nuts and seeds.

TIP 2: One of the best oils comes from avocado. Readily purchased in the local health food market, avocado oil feeds the skin. Other oils to be considered are jojoba, olive, almond, flax, primrose,  sesame oil and cocoa butter.

Avocado oil just like the fruit we can eat, supplies sterolin compounds that penetrate into the squamous layer of skin. This is quite helpful for dry itchy and aging skin. More tips on avocado.

TIP 3: The best tip I can give you is something I have been doing  this winter with great success. After a bath or shower, while my skin is still wet, I apply 1-2 teaspoons of avocado oil all over my body (face too) then pat dry. After one week you will notice the terrific difference – no more itchy dry skin.



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