Naturopathic treatments work, because they primarily treat the cause of the problem or illness. This type of medicine is being recognized and identified as “functional medicine”. It works by understanding the various systems within the body and identifying how the body’s physiology has been disrupted.

Here is an example. I have treated cases of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) where the individual had symptoms for many years. IBS can cause disruptive symptoms like abdominal cramping, diarrhea, constipation, generalized stomach pain, gas and bloating. Some people cannot eat foods without suffering. In these cases, I treat the cause of the problem: an imbalanced normal bacterial count (called flora) and damage to the wall of the intestinal lining. In many of these cases the patients did have colonoscopies that were “normal”, took pharmaceutical drugs without complete relief, and most cases the symptoms come back. With naturopathic care, when the imbalanced flora was corrected and the lining of the intestinal wall was repaired with a natural substance, not only have the symptoms ceased, they have not returned either. I would call that a success. Naturopathic medicine may not be as rapid acting as some drug therapies; functional medicine’s focus is to assist the body’s reparative power which takes longer.