We are fundamentally different in how we approach a person who has a disease. A naturopathic doctor approaches health first.

Both professionals through their schooling are trained to deliver primary care, but similar to MD’s, an ND can also specialize in an area of natural medicine. However a naturopathic doctor will often seek to address the basic health of the person such as their immune function, their digestive function and the quality in how they live their life. We believe the body can restore itself if it remains strong, vital and in balance; the body is treated as a whole being. MD’s basically are trained to treat symptoms, alleviating them primarily with chemical drugs and/or surgery. This is their first line of therapy. ND’s can use some drug therapy (depending on the state they practice), but it is not their first line of therapy, more like a last resort. We use support therapies like nutrition, getting more rest/sleep, herbal remedies or homeopathic remedies and stress reduction. We try to learn the circumstances that led to the onset of the disease. The emphasis is understanding what caused the illness and to treat from that perspective.