Fun Facts About Wheat Grass

Have you ever eaten grass? Maybe as kids we did, and now you can eat some for greater health.

Why is wheat grass good for you?

Wheat grass according to WebMD is the young plant that contains dense nutrients. In other words more vitamin/mineral bang per blade of grass!

The nutritional value of wheatgrass surpasses many foods. It is lauded for prevention of many chronic illnesses. Wheatgrass is reported to help stabilize blood sugar and help diabetes.

Green foods everyday is an important ingredient for good health!

Here is a simple recipe to enjoy wheat grass each day.

Purchase wheat grass at your local healthy food market. Also you can grow wheatgrass easily in your home indoors or out.

wheatgrass cutting

Cut a small portion as shown in the photo of wheat grass and place in high speed blender.

Add: 1 cup water

other fruit such as apple, pear or grapes.

Process for 1 minute and you have a blended wheat grass/fruit smoothie.


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