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The liver is the body’s filtration and reprocessing system. Its primary job is changing chemicals in the many forms found in food (pesticides, fertilizers), water (solvents), air (pollutants), environment etc, into water soluble substances that can then  be readily eliminated by the kidneys and/or through the digestive system.

There are numerous complex biochemical steps performed by the liver, one of which is called glucaronidation. This important biochemical step takes potentially toxic material and changes it so it can be eliminated. Glucaric acid the needed substance in this action  but the question is what is enough?  Healthy function of the mighty liver is essential for long term wellness. Researcher Dr Thomas Slaga reports that epidemiologic studies have shown a positive correlation between higher glucarate levels and reduced risk of cancer. The research was done at the AMC Cancer Research Center, Denver, CO  Read more...


Where do you find this chemical? You guessed it – fruits and vegetables. The highest amounts are found in apples, grapefruit, cherries and apricots. Brussel sprouts, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts are the best vegetable sources of calcium d’glucarate.
Some individuals may require high amounts and supplementation; they should seek the guidance of a trained provider like a naturopathic doctor.

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