Happy Re-New Year 2010


Every New Year brings new opportunity to begin again. In health each day we begin again to regenerate new cells, repair cells and discard old ones. The challenging news comes from Harper’s Index which reported in its January 2010 issue that as recently as September 7, 2009, fifty million (50,000,000) chemicals have been identified. What a dilemma we are now faced with. How can the human body wade through this toxic soup?

The answer: it can’t – not without some help. Sooner or later these seemingly innocuous substances have their way. Plastic bottles, the lining in tin cans that store vegetables, household chemical cleaners from furniture polishes to laundry additives (clothes softeners – are the safe?), sprays on produce and the list goes on of various harmful chemicals we take for granted.

Cancer is No 1 killer for people younger than 85. 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will have cancer in their life-time according to the American Cancer Society. Let see – can there be an association?

No matter your age, take all the active steps you can now to help your body stay chemically “light” and free.

Liver is the primary organ that does most of the detoxifying work to remove unwanted and unneeded chemicals.

Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne – promoting health our most precious commodity. Solutions to optimum health is available.


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