I Did It!

Completing My Dare.

Last blog I wrote about my challenge of a deep fear. Underwater.

I must admit it was a long way to travel to meet my fear, and was it worth it? Not only was it exciting to go extra miles, I was appreciative to be in warm waters of Mexico. Well worth the trip.

As I donned the heavy equipment required to suspend in deeper water (okay it was only 6 feet deep), I felt the responsibility of learning how to breath into a ventilator, get water out of my face mask, adjust my weight belt, and coordinate my fin feet to move all at the same time. It felt daunting not only when balancing the scuba tank, I had to eject water that accumulated in the mask. Simple task you may think, but when you’re trying to stay afloat and forget what to do next, water gets right up your nose. Not so successful!

Swimming like a fish in water was good exercise and thank goodness for my floatation jacket in some of the maneuvers. Being a good sport, I completed the hour plus exercise in the hotel swimming pool. No risks here. Not relishing to be in water over my head, I managed to navigate with all the equipment. And I did it!  Kudos to advance scuba divers, they have my utmost respect for their feats at the bottom of the ocean.

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-1-32-09-pmFor many years it has been an unspoken apprehension being immersed in deep water, and now I got to experience the dread again. This endeavor has taught me several things:

  • It is possible to step up closer to a fear and learn from it.
  • Not all fears need to completely met or walked through, rather they can be better understood by coming even nearer to the challenge.
  • Fear does not have to stop you, rather it can become a mindful lesson.

I know this experiment can be repeated again, with more time, practice and patience. This first underwater exposure was like dipping my toe to feel what it would be like. I love myself for taking the chance, to feel first-hand my fear. Fear is identified as: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Now that I have taken this step, I now see my ability to move forward, not held back like being frozen. Fear is a life blocker and an energy robber. By doing this experiment I have unblocked my hesitancy to do something perceived as fearful.

What fear may be interfering in your life? Ask yourself the question and sit with it. And wait…

Being free means releasing fears and being more open to what life is offering. The truth is that you deserve to have openness and clarity and it begins with self-honesty in our fear.

Walking My Dare

In several posts I have spoken about creating a dare in life.  By taking on a challenge in life you expand and grow. I really do believe that when we step outside the comforts of our safe circle of experience, things we do not yet know can happen. I have decided to take that unknown step and see what shows up.

Confronting fears is a great way to move out of the safety zone. In working with my wonderful coach Kymm Nelsen, I’ve had the opportunity to stretch. When we explored my deeper fears it did not take long for me to get in touch with one of my strongest ones: deep water. Now I can go out in a boat over deep water; what I am revealing here is my breath taking fear of drowning in deep water. Yes, I do believe it’s likely a past life remembrance, as I have not had any near drownings in this life. I do not go into water that is over my head. Ever.

To face my fear and move right through it, I would have to dive down into deep water. Doing that deed never was appealing. Even when both my sons took SCUBA lessons I had no desire to do a dive. Too scared. I just wanted to stay safe. In fact I thought it was stupid to put on an oxygen tank and go into the underworld of water which felt to me like risking my life.

But now I am determined to move beyond this fear. To get started, I visited a local dive shop to look around and get a feel for the equipment and the training one would get before diving. An opportunity came to take a Thanksgiving vacation with my family to Puerto Vallarta. I thought that this could allow me to take a chance of supervision with experienced divers. Whew! It still feels out of my comfort zone, but now  I feel the urge and courage to challenge myself.

Many times before in my life I have walked past fears, hesitations, and reluctances and surprisingly received tremendous growth for being willing to dare. Many times I have done challenges alone; this time I do not have to. Lesson learned.

During the Thanksgiving break I will be SCUBA diving! screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-3-55-59-pmIf you stay in touch with my blog and newsletter you’ll  learn the outcome, as I will report back when I return from Mexico,  hopefully with a big smile on my face!

Why Yoga?

Yoga has been in practice for over 5,000 years and was originated by men, the primary practitioners of this art.

Although current trends show more women attracted to this activity, a revitalization and interest

by men of this activity is occurring. It may seem mysterious to those uneducated about its use, so I want to show how this practice can bring more benefit into your life than you ever thought possible.


Mainly yoga was developed to open the body and clear your mind. Yoga helps unify the physical emotional and spiritual body. Just remember it is a practice meant to help all parts of yourself into union (yoga). Confusing for some, are the different styles, practices, and positions created to achieve this union of mind, body spirit. Each yoga teacher will put her/his own spin on the postures and practices so we often find a resonance more with one teacher than another.  This has been my experience over the last 40 years where I have dabbled in doing different asana (posture) in a class. Truly there is no right/wrong way; yoga just is….

And I have embraced it for the joy as well as the challenge of keeping my physical body in good form.

Meditation in Motion

Yoga is also called “meditation in motion”. During a practice of yoga, the teacher will remind the student to move into position and breathe deeply and slowly. It matters not whether the posture is “right”; it matters that you ease into a position and breath! Breathe and be mindful. I find this to be so beneficial as long as I let go of judgements. Self-talk can be too harsh sometimes.

I find yoga to truly be an exercise in mindfulness. The longer I practice yoga the more I become one with myself and Spirit. When I become one with myself my yoga gets easier. One flows into the other. So if you have been curious about starting a practice, start with a class with an instructor you like, there are some online practices that will give you a good feel about it.

If it does not seem just right, seek out other teachers. I have loved some and returned again and again, and others who I avoid. Find your right teacher, time of day, and perfect place (which may be at home). Then begin.

Now this may be a dare for you. Are you carrying some myths about such a practice? If this is true, then I invite you to consider the well documented facts around yoga.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

Mind/Spirit Benefits of Yoga

  • Helps the body heal itself.
  • Helps a person manage stress.
  • Mental clarity and calmness.
  • Improved self-awareness.
  • Helps you to explore self-imposed limits (your dare)
  • Relaxation is an important part of yoga.

    Relaxation is an important part of yoga.

    Helps you become in tune with your inner self.

Give yourself a loving push to begin in earnest your yoga practice or step up your current practice. This is one of the best activities you can do for self-care. There are enormous choices at your fingertips and you can begin at any level. Just keep it going to receive all the benefits. Here are references for you to begin:


Yoga with Adriene from wheelchair to floor – lots to explore and a lot of options!

Intermediate Yoga and Beyond: to explore more deeply your yoga practice

Local Yoga Studios:

Peoples Yoga at three 3 locations North Portland

Yoga Space  in NW Portland

Seva Yoga in SE Portland

Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton

Check your local listings and try out a class! Read further Wisdom of Lifestyle to further support your health.

Dare To Defy Aging

How Old Do You Believe You Are?

The concept of aging is changing (thank goodness), however sometimes old beliefs or concepts of what it means to age may live deeper in your unconscious mind. If that is true, unknowingly we can make decisions based on an old buried idea of what it means to age. For an example, if you feel less energetic you could say internally, “It must be because I am just getting old”.

Adding fear of becoming inept as we get older increases fuel to the aging fire.

Belief systems direct aging

Continuing to hold aging fears may lead to engaging in fewer activities, which turns into more sitting at home, losing interest in life, reducing muscle mass, further leading to more inactivity. Sort of a downward spiral begins.  Beliefs often start by what we witness in our family, our community and the culture.

If your grandparents live to 75 year of age, you may believe that you’ll have the same pattern and begin to plan your demise. If these same grandparents and/or parents have chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes or cancer, you too may be convinced it is your fate. Most chronic diseases we see today research has confirmed are not genetic, but rather lifestyle caused.

Fortunately, the current baby boomer generation is not willing to slow down and resign to a nursing home. By becoming pro-active, this group has helped shift consciousness around the process of aging. This is not anti-aging (actually an oxy-moron), but a commitment to age wisely, strongly and well. Studies have clearly shown that mind set and beliefs around aging is a huge factor in being well into later decades.

Factors to consider:

  • Be proud of the years you hold. They are well earned!
  • Continue to challenge or even dare to do something very different.
  • Surprise yourself as well as family and friends with new accomplishments.
  • Make it enjoyable whatever you decide to do.
  • Avoid the fixation of “living on a fixed income”; get creative with your life and money. Working as a greeter at Walmart maybe fun after all.

The most helpful thoughts you can choose to have is gratitude for what life has given you and the wonderful life you now have. A shift into a positive attitude can make a tremendous difference for you. Put dare into your life and be the recipient of renewed experiences.

Contact me for a free 15 min consultation to step toward your dare at: healyourlife13@gmail.com

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For further reading see my blog Live to 120?






Daring to Speak My Truth

Women myself included, have been socialized to speak softly, kindly, hiding deeper feelings, power and desires. This has left me with a quiet speaking voice much of my life. It has taken decades to unpeel those layers.  Lately I’ve been daring myself to change that. It first started about 10 years ago upon joining Toastmasters International. Speaking in Toastmasters helped me to reclaim my voice. Singing in a women’s “kitchen band” was a wonderful adventure having fun finding my playful voice. Then, last year I joined an Interfaith Gospel Choir here in Portland, OR and I continue to sing loud, strong and proud.

But still somehow I feel unfulfilled. By joining singing groups, I challenged my deep belief (besides being told) that I could not sing. Behind that message lay the deepest fear of all – speaking out and being noticed. To be invisible felt more comfortable .  This is why I (and others) are reluctant to speak publicly. One fear for most people is, in fact, public speaking .

I am moving through what feels like an old idea with constriction around my voice. I now speak easily at my job at the National University of Natural Medicine teaching in the classroom. Additionally, I speak at medical seminars in the U.S. and Canada. However, I face my biggest challenge ever, speaking what I passionately believe. What truly is my passion is about women, power and love. This is now my Dare.

As I challenge myself to being a strong, vibrant public speaker who reveals my deeper soul in front of my audience, I dare to air topics about my own fears and my own experiences.

Now, I begin by revealing to you by personal Dare. By airing my deeper thoughts, I will continue to challenge myself to dip deeper while reaching for higher levels of self-awareness, self-love, and self-evolution.

Care to join me? By stepping into your dare, it will help your growth beyond what you have imagined you can be.

Join me in finding your dare.

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Dr. Pamela Jeanne – speaking in 2015 at Portlandia Club

Thyroid, Power, Voice


Most know the importance of the thyroid gland for its metabolic role in the body. However, many people are unaware of the influence that this small powerful gland has on our psyche and spiritual energy. The thyroid produces stimulating hormones to increase the rate we utilize food. Food, in turn, contains potential energy helping cells do their work.

Think of thyroid like a symphony of activities that initiates action at the cell level.

The thyroid also coordinates physical influences while inter-connecting with energetic realms. It’s the chicken and egg phenomena.  In truth they are not separate. When our mind holds certain ideas, beliefs, or fear, it influences our cell physiology.

So when thyroid is under or over active and we can feel a loss of energy and strength, and our mind is involved as well. Statistically women experience thyroid dysfunction more than men by about four to one.

Why is that? From my perspective, women are innately sensitive living in a culture where she is not fully seen, heard or appreciated, leading to inner beliefs of unworthiness and self-doubt. Becoming aware of unconscious thoughts is helpful to move toward healing. Giving conscious thought to our mind and physical bodies can change everything.

Louise Hay first wrote about mind and physical connection in her ground breaking book* in the 1970’s. In her work she identifies inner beliefs with physical manifestations and thyroid is associated with humiliation and limiting beliefs. Where may you feel a disconnect?


Our voice is our power. Our thyroid is our power. I invite you to be strong in both. What I am  teaching here is the amazing power of the mind.

Affirmations spoken every single day can begin your thought process change. A daily habit of affirmative statements begins the dismantling of unconscious thoughts. And I might add, the more resistant you may feel about this process, the more likely you can benefit. Try it for twenty-one days.

Here is some further information on the aspects of metaphysical healing.

My work includes helping you to tap into the power of your own healing to change your life.


*You Can Heal Your Life, Louise L. Hay, Hay House Inc., Carlsbad, CA 1999

Heart-w-r copy

Think Skin Products are Safe? Think Again!

We have this organ; the largest one of the body, called skin, the outer protector, also a detox organ, and the ultimate body covering that lets things in while also letting things out. If skin does not function as it should we become ill and ultimately we could die.

So skin is a living, “breathing” and functioning system all too often ignored for its importance. The skinny on skin is that what we put onto the skin goes directly inside the body via lymph fluid that empties directly into the blood circulation. Now that is really going inside.

Of course we know the blood delivers food, oxygen, minerals and vitamins to our cells so they can function, but did you know that the skin also assists in eliminating what is no longer needed? Hence skin is an organ of detoxification. Teaching medical students at National University of Natural Medicine a course called Nature Cure, this is an essential lesson. In class students experience skin care by using poultices to heal the skin, water therapy to help circulation, skin brushing to assist in elimination. These therapies have been loosing public interest in the last few decades and it’s imperative to remember the important role they play in keeping healthy.

In that same vein, be aware of topical products including all cosmetics containing hidden chemicals, which with regular use accumulate over time, eventually will cause harm.

Skin is so porous that anything that applied on it will go in. Think of sunscreen and bug spray.

The cosmetic industry is not well-regulated therefore toxic materials such as heavy metals, preservatives, and toxic harsh chemicals are added without studies. There is little information to know the long-term effects. Cosmetic use starts in teen years lasting 5 to 7 decades. Do you wonder why cancer rates keep rising?

The Environmental Working Group is a Washington DC watchdog non-profit organization whose main intent is revealing these hidden dangers. Here is a test for you: take your current cosmetics and lotions you apply regularly to their website and learn more about the products you are using. You may be very surprised.

Dare to be proactive in your own care.  One body, one lifetime and it’s up to you to make great choices.

Think again about safe skin care products. I am curious to know what you learn.

Inside is Outside

What is Outside of You is Inside Too!

How do I look in this outfit? Am I presentable? Does this look good on me?

new look

If these questions and doubts come up when you are getting dressed and ready to go out to work, a meeting, to school, or to church, etc., maybe you want to take a deeper look. Worrying about how well we appear to others can be a deeper view to inner beliefs.

Certainly one does want to be well groomed, have nice clothing to wear, but if you are only concentrating on outside looks something is missing.

The something that is missing is YOU. Self doubts, negative beliefs, critical thinking all play a role in what is missing. Bolstering confidence, focusing on your positive traits and talents is needed as much as that new suite of clothes. New (or new to you) clothes can be a wonderful uplift to your spirit, and it is important to look great, but to feel great in that new outfit, the real question is what is circling in your mind? Inner reflections can reveal themselves outwardly as well.

What we deeply believe about who we are tells a story. It informs our moods, attitudes and even how we carry our body, like in our posture and muscle tension across the back, neck and shoulders. Take some time each day to appreciate the person you are, the accomplishments you’ve made, no matter how small, and express gratitude for life as it is right now. Spend one minute in the morning to look into the bathroom mirror and give thanks to yourself. Do this everyday and watch things change.

I’ve learned so much from Louise Hay’s affirmations. Her famous one is “I love and approve of myself”. So put on the new clothing and affirm yourself from the inside with an outside new look.

My thanks to Elizabeth Cramer of Everyday Best Style, who inspired me to share with women this important concept. I love looking my best in great clothing along with using a beautiful daily gratitude.


Homeopathy: Medicine or Magic

Real Medicine

The practice of homeopathic medicine has been around for over 200 years. Formulated by a medical doctor who grew tired of harsh medicine of his time, Samuel Hahnemann experimented with many natural substances and then observed the seeming miraculous healing results in his patients. What he further discovered that as a substance is diluted more and more, it becomes even more powerful. How was that possible? Critics in the science world said it was only a placebo effect or quackery. But neither is true. Homeopathy produces results in animals and children quite well.

Does It Work?

I was a big skeptic of these diluted remedies having worked in the science based medical world in nursing. Here is what I found. Time and again when I prescribe the remedies not only for myself, but also on many patients I’ve worked with, deep healing results. Sometimes I do feel like it is magic when I see the physical and mental changes that come from giving a correct remedy. It does take skill and a broad knowledge of the remedies: homeopathic doctors study for a long time. And yes, it does work!


What cannot be denied is the safety when using homeopathy. It is such an ideal system of medicine in babies and young children. It is a lifesaver in some chronic conditions as well as in acute medical situations. For someone frail, when prescription drugs may do harm, homeopathy can be an answer. It is a choice in health care that people deserve to know about.

How It Works

Homeopathy can be best described as a medicine that resonates with the body’s energy. When energetic vibrations are aligned, healing happens. Since life is about energy that animates our body, which we cannot measure precisely, we just know it exists. We know it because it keeps us alive. Homeopathy can be understood once we understand life force or also known as Qi (Chinese medicine) or Prana (Ayurveda medicine) or the Vis (naturopathy healing power of nature).

So this medicine is still a mystery and magic. And the truth is that it heals on deeper levels of mental, emotional and spiritual realms. I trust this now more than ever before. Once you have witnessed its  power there is little doubt.

Click here to learn more about how homeopathic medicine works.


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