Awaken Your Brain – Yawn

How would you feel if I told you that in one minute you can awaken your brain and promote a deep sense of relaxation with stress reduction?

You may think -yeah if I take a drug or perhaps stand on my head! Well neither of these things is necessary. There is a very simple technique each and every one of us is capable of doing.

Studies that have monitored brain scans during this activity have found neural responses that generate social awareness, a sense of calm and the creation of feelings of empathy.

This activity is YAWNING a natural innate function we so often suppress for fear of offending others.   When we are tired we do need to WAKE UP the brain!

Researchers at Institute of Neurology in London have found that a small area of the brain called the precuneus is the center for yawning.

This area helps with 3 things:

1. Consciousness

2. Self-reflection

3. Memory retrieval

Yawning will actually relax you which will then bring you into alertness faster.

Yawning increases circulation bringing more oxygen to the brain.

Yawning evokes brain chemicals such as dopamine helpful for memory recall, voluntary control and temperature regulation.

If you want to increase your intimacy and bonding with a significant other – yawn together.

Other brain chemicals known as neuro-transmitters also increase while yawning. Dr Andrew Newberg from the University of Pennsylvania has been studying brain activity and writes in his book How God Changes your Brain, that brain chemicals such has GABA, serotonin and acetylcholine are affected when we yawn. Yawning also has positive effects on sex hormones and nitric oxide a potent blood vessel relaxant (helps lower B/P).

My advice is to yawn as MANY TIMES IN A DAY AS POSSIBLE. Allow yawns to occur in succession 8-10 times for best results. Happy yawning!

Key Factors in Healthy Aging

How do time, environment and lifestyle affect our body? In a myriad of ways the human body responds to internal and outside influences. These unstoppable forces from environmental exposures, new viruses and bacteria to ever evolving food and man-made chemical toxins all will impact longevity.

In particular each cell’s health relies on nutrition intake and release of harmful waste. Simple steps can be taken to slow the effects of decreasing cell regeneration. Every cell in the body must be renewed and scientists predict that every seven years we have a brand new supply from brain cells to toe nails.

What can be done to slow cellular degeneration?  Many options are now known to slow down our aging process. The real desire is  to maintain a great quality of life throughout our lives especially in our last decades. Here are simple actions you can take immediately to achieve this goal:

  • Reduce carbohydrate consumption which decreases insulin secretion. Insulin is related to increasing the aging process.
  • Quality deep REM sleep will allow increased production of HGH*; 7-9 hours per night is best.
  • Decrease negative stress that leads to chronic production of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down tissue (catabolic hormone) causing loss of bone, skin and muscle – signs of aging.
  •  Every day exercise which increases heart rate for 30 minutes keeps the body strong and healthy.
  • Calorie Restriction (CR) research makes claims for longevity by achieving underweight and thus reducing the degeneration process.
    See: CR Society: Getting Started

Be Good To Yourself Everyday!

Shovels to the Rescue

Want some help ridding the body of unwanted toxins?  Most of us need an extra “shovel” to remove the toxic debris and buildup from the body.  Our environment is a sea of chemicals that can overwhelm our body’s ability to remove them. Recent information by Dr. Thomas Slaga*includes research on many human cancers. Cancer is correlated with body toxins that cause cell damage.  Studies show glucaric acid (also known as calcium d’glucarate) levels are low in people diagnosed with cancer particularly, lung, skin, liver, and breast and colon cancers.  There is a solution to the heavy burden our bodies face every day.

Calcium d’glucarate is a cellular detoxifer that is naturally produced by the liver. It is found naturally in fruits and vegetables however one must consume a minimum of 5 servings a day. Are you getting enough each day?

Contact Dr. Jeanne to learn more.

Health Skin: A Mirror of Health

 Having health skin, hair and nails is a sign of a healthy body. These outer coverings reflect health on the inside. More specifically, our skin gives us signs of intestinal function which includes how well we digest our food, absorb nutrients, and how effectively waste products are eliminated. Good skin also depends on good hydration with clean water, optimal thyroid function and also includes ingestion of healthy fats from our diet such as olive oil and good fish oils high in EPA and DHA. Physiology supports the fact that gentle skin brushing on a regular basis removes dead skin cells while improving skin circulation and stimulating lymph drainage. The lymph system importantly assists the body in removing cellular waste. Don’t forget exercise and sweating that help improve both circulation and removal of by-products.

Remember beautiful skin is the outward sign of inner health.

Happy Re-New Year 2010


Every New Year brings new opportunity to begin again. In health each day we begin again to regenerate new cells, repair cells and discard old ones. The challenging news comes from Harper’s Index which reported in its January 2010 issue that as recently as September 7, 2009, fifty million (50,000,000) chemicals have been identified. What a dilemma we are now faced with. How can the human body wade through this toxic soup?

The answer: it can’t – not without some help. Sooner or later these seemingly innocuous substances have their way. Plastic bottles, the lining in tin cans that store vegetables, household chemical cleaners from furniture polishes to laundry additives (clothes softeners – are the safe?), sprays on produce and the list goes on of various harmful chemicals we take for granted.

Cancer is No 1 killer for people younger than 85. 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will have cancer in their life-time according to the American Cancer Society. Let see – can there be an association?

No matter your age, take all the active steps you can now to help your body stay chemically “light” and free.

Liver is the primary organ that does most of the detoxifying work to remove unwanted and unneeded chemicals.

Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne – promoting health our most precious commodity. Solutions to optimum health is available.

2009 – A YEAR IN REVIEW part I

Through out this past year we learned more about how to keep healthy. Here is a summary of some things GOOD for us:

GOOGLING: yes this internet search engine that many of us use helps to stimulate and challenge the brain. Just an hour a day spent trawling information increases blood flow to crucial parts of the brain that can help cognitive skills. (I can feel the blood flow now as I write this and you read this!)


Having a “looking up” attitude pays. A study of 100,000 mid aged and older women who were classified as optimists showed that 14% of them are more likely to be alive then pessimistic counterparts over 8 years time.


No matter how you slice’m or dice’m food products directly from the earth are still the best nutrition we can eat.

Hands down nothing’s better. These nutrient filled foods deliver powerful minerals, vitamins, water, proteins and carbohydrates in neat packages.


Having a close sister or friend increases your odds of being happy and well adjusted. Being able to express your thoughts and feelings, open up emotions and feeling connected to humankind translates into better mental health. Study author Tony Cassidy says: “Sisters appear to encourage more open communications and cohesion in families.”

Being GOOD to you is the first and best thing to have great health. Take some time to assess your health status: what are you doing for good brain function? How good are your relationships and then kick your stressful thoughts out for good. Last but not least how good are your foods?

Vow to make the necessary changes starting now.

Medical Radiation Hazards

The use of high technology diagnosing equipment such as CT (computed tomography) scans and imaging scans are reported to expose a person to higher levels of radiation than an x-ray.

Reza Fazel MD reported from her study in the New England Journal of Medicine in August 2009 that “Imaging procedures are an important source of exposureto ionizing radiation in the United States and can result inhigh cumulative effective doses of radiation”1.

This means having a diagnostic test done is important but over the years it does have an accumulative effect. Radiation damages cells and for some will cause cancer. Over 80% of these procedures are done on an outpatient basis this study revealed. The ionizing radiation accumulates and increases with advancing age.

Always be your own advocate in regard to tests performed on your body or your child’s. Only you know the complete medical history for yourself or your child. Don’t forget to include dental x-rays, mammograms, and imaging studies. It is all cumulative; it affects the health of cells and their DNA. The body does have innate repair mechanisms and can heal itself – up to a certain point.

Monitoring your health and diagnostic testing throughout life is another important aspect of staying well.


Aronia Berry – the Heart Saver

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are the big health robbers in our population. In the truest sense of prevention, this information will help you understand Aronia melanocarpa’s  (aka “choke berry”) importance as a nutrient. Reviewing research literature reveals studies showing significant health effects and benefits of aronia’s phytonutrients (plant based) on the body. One study from Bulgaria showed positive results for diabetics which concluded:  “Accumulated data illustrated the hypoglycemic potential (ability to lower blood sugar) of Aronia juice.”1 As a sugar addicted society, aronia can help lower the damage on the heart and blood vessels from the ravages of a poor diet.

Another study in Poland assessed the effects of Aronia Berry’s antioxidant power. “The lead, aluminum and copper concentration was decreased while zinc concentration in red blood cells was increased”. 2.  This has a significant impact by repairing damage to cells in the body. These are only two among many studies on the power of this little berry.

Research is revealing the truth:  Aronia is POWERFUL-something Native Americans have known for centuries. It is available now in a tasteful super food called OKI.

Aronia is the dominant ingredient in OKI with fruits to add sweetness and aloe as its base. There are no added refined or artificial sugars.

Drink 1-2 ounces twice daily for your preventive health program.

1.Effects of Aronia melanocarpa juice as part of the dietary regimen in patients with diabetes mellitus

2.The influence of anthocyanins from Aronia melanocarpa on selected parameters of oxidative stress and microelements contents in men with hypercholesterolemia

What are you doing to stay proactive in your wellness program?  Don’t wait for disease to happen; prevention is far easier than treating disease.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND – an educator and a wise wellness practitioner of 40 years.

Go Ahead – Be a Fat Head

Our beautiful brain is comprised of 60% fat; brain cells are insulated with fat allowing biochemicals in and out of each cell. Brain activity depends upon the quality of its insulation. Since 50% of this fat is DHA there is a concern for the type of fat we consume.

The star today is DHA an omega 3 fatty acid. It is plentiful in fish like salmon, sardines and trout. Where do fish get their omega 3’s? They get it by feeding on algae at the bottom of rivers and streams.

A study recently of 480 people with complaints of poor memory found improvement when participants took 900mg of DHA from algae each day.

How to keep a healthy brain:

  • Know the type of fats you ingest; avoid all hydrogenated and deep fried fats
  • Wild caught salmon and trout is best.
  • Beware of fish from fish farms. They are fed corn or soy which produces omega 6 fats that are less favorable.
  • DHA from algae will deliver good fat to your brain.

Being a fathead supports good brain cognition and intelligent function, but quality of the ingested fat is most important. For a further look on the subject of the quality of America’s food see the DVD “Fat Head” by Tom Naughton.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND

Inviting you to live life one healthy day at a time.

Dr Jeanne is a 40 year veteran in healthcare. She is passionate in helping others attain the best health possible.

Zinc and Vitamin D

Vitamin D body levels become a higher concern when we realize the important role zinc plays especially as fall advances into winter. The Journal of Nutrition as early as 1961, stated that the utilization of zinc is dependent upon adequate levels of vitamin D.1

More importantly zinc is a nutrient that also has a direct effect on immune cells (T-cell activation) by enhancing immune cell activity.  But an interesting dilemma can occur: sufficient zinc in the body and low levels of the sunshine vitamin can still lead to immune dysfunction. Why? Because they are interdependent as so many nutrients are for healthy function.  In the winter months it is crucial to keep both levels up for optimal immune function.

So where do we get zinc?  Whole grains, meat and oysters are good sources of zinc along with nuts, seeds and egg yolks (organic free range is best). The American diet is depleted of zinc due to processed foods, alcohol consumption and depleted soils of American farmland to name a few.2

Dosing of zinc is good at 15mg per day and amounts up to 100mg daily are well tolerated. To maximum immune potential test* your vitamin D levels as the winter months deepen.

Note: women on oral birth control pills need more zinc because copper levels rise while on the pill which suppress zinc levels. (Yes the things your doctor never tells you!)

The Good News!

Orenda’s All in One Female contains 15mg of zinc (amino acid chelate for better absorption).

Orenda’s All in One Male contains 25mg of zinc (amino acid chelate for better absorption) enhancing prostate health for men over 40.

Vitamin D 2000 IU is found in both the male and female formulas.

Take charge now to stay healthy this winter.


  2. Elson Haas, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, 2006

* Contact Dr Jeanne for easy at home vitamin D testing.

Dr Pamela Sky Jeanne is a 40 year health care veteran passionate about helping others know the facts about keeping healthy. It is way easier to prevent disease that it is to cure disease!

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