Healing Takes Time



When Life gives you a big hiccough and turns your world on its side, navigating daily activities is a challenge. Fortunately, the human body and psyche are resilient. Recovery from such an upset maybe as short as a few months or up to a year or more. Each person has their own healing timeline; there is no known amount of time it takes to recover. Events such as this happen to everyone in their lifetime and sometimes more than once.

It recently happened to me. I found myself partnerless and in daze for some time.

Life changing events are a growth spurts; I call it an opportunity  to look within and learn what my part has been and where to go next. Often times (although not always) the outcome on the other side is much better than before.

Healing Takes Time

Now that some time has passed and I feel refreshed, I am ready to embrace what life now has to offer. This is a clear indication one has moved beyond the crisis. Still some days I allow myself to grieve, be slow and only do essential things. Being gentle with myself  during this transition has brought me to a place of loving myself more than I did previously. Healing does take time and it’s a good thing.

My gratitude goes to Louise Hay teaching and philosophy, which I have embraced fully into my life. Taking a trip to Thailand in January 2015 to further study Heal Your Life philosophy and coaching deepened my insights giving me more tools for recovery to help others. I am so appreciative to have rediscovered this work and embrace the fact that healing takes time, thoughtfulness, kindness and a less busy schedule in order to reflect and heal. Often when a hurtful life event occurs, old buried events can resurface giving one an opportunity to heal those as well.

Using  supportive tools like homeopathy lends itself to support the energy of the mind, body and soul. To reconnect with joy, take time to allow healing to evolve. Be patient. Be honest. Be kind.

Come back to yourself….

Spiral and look within!

Spiral and look within!

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