Homeopathy: Medicine or Magic

Real Medicine

The practice of homeopathic medicine has been around for over 200 years. Formulated by a medical doctor who grew tired of harsh medicine of his time, Samuel Hahnemann experimented with many natural substances and then observed the seeming miraculous healing results in his patients. What he further discovered that as a substance is diluted more and more, it becomes even more powerful. How was that possible? Critics in the science world said it was only a placebo effect or quackery. But neither is true. Homeopathy produces results in animals and children quite well.

Does It Work?

I was a big skeptic of these diluted remedies having worked in the science based medical world in nursing. Here is what I found. Time and again when I prescribe the remedies not only for myself, but also on many patients I’ve worked with, deep healing results. Sometimes I do feel like it is magic when I see the physical and mental changes that come from giving a correct remedy. It does take skill and a broad knowledge of the remedies: homeopathic doctors study for a long time. And yes, it does work!


What cannot be denied is the safety when using homeopathy. It is such an ideal system of medicine in babies and young children. It is a lifesaver in some chronic conditions as well as in acute medical situations. For someone frail, when prescription drugs may do harm, homeopathy can be an answer. It is a choice in health care that people deserve to know about.

How It Works

Homeopathy can be best described as a medicine that resonates with the body’s energy. When energetic vibrations are aligned, healing happens. Since life is about energy that animates our body, which we cannot measure precisely, we just know it exists. We know it because it keeps us alive. Homeopathy can be understood once we understand life force or also known as Qi (Chinese medicine) or Prana (Ayurveda medicine) or the Vis (naturopathy healing power of nature).

So this medicine is still a mystery and magic. And the truth is that it heals on deeper levels of mental, emotional and spiritual realms. I trust this now more than ever before. Once you have witnessed its  power there is little doubt.

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