Hormone Sanity

When hormones go awry life can feel crazy! It is true… and it’s not all in your head – it’s your hormones.

Hormones are messaging signals that flit about the body very quickly to deliver a signal to a group of cells called tissues to turn them on or off, or to up-regulate or down-regulate the activity of those tissues. A simple example is the thyroid hormone. Thyroid’s main function is to activate cell metabolism, in other words it increases cellular activity. If your thyroid hormones are imbalanced – you are tired.

It is a fact that all hormones interact with one another to some degree and in the body: EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING! In order to feel balanced, hormones need to be in balance with one another. In this recording Dr. Jeanne gives more in-depth explanations of hormonal interactions and what it means to be in a healthy state of wellness.

Listen in….

Hormone Sanity Webcast from Pamela Sky Jeanne on Vimeo.


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