How Safe is Your Drinking Water

Sunday August 23, 2009 a front page article of the New York Times asked this question: “Just how much week killer is safe in your water glass”. The debate rages on while our water continues to have contaminants from industrial pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that “current regulations are adequate to protect human health and that atrazine now being found in water are at safe levels. Atrazine is a chemical compound classified as an herbicide used for many years by agriculture and it now finds its way to our drinking water. Some communities have monitored spikes of atrazine at various times associated with high use of herbicides according to the article.

What to do and who to believe. History has an ominous way of repeating itself as the EPA has admitted to “oops – we made a mistake” more than once. Why would a man-made chemical be deemed safe at any level in water? It has already been witnessed that  natural lakes have overgrown algae due to chemical runoff also associated with dying and malformed fish.

Note: Atrazine was banned in the European Union in 2004 because of its
persistent groundwater contamination.

Protect yourself now by drinking purest water that is filtered, use products like Orenda Immune to enhance cellular detoxification, and drink OKI that has high powered anti-oxidants per one ounce. The old saying “an ounce of prevention”………. Is worth more than a pound of cure!

Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne

Naturopathic physician


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