Immunity and Vitamin D

Immune Cells: Macrophages, B cells and T cells

Information is being released about Vitamin D and health on a regular basis. As we learn more about this vitamin, which is really a hormone by its activity, we realize how essential this nutrient is to the human body. Up to date research shows that Vitamin D receptors are found on our immune cells. In fact there are 448 reviews about vitamin D receptors on immune cells found in the Annual Review of Nutrition.1

What is its significance?  Vitamin D affects immunity by promoting macrophage immune cell activity by acting like Pac-man and gobbling up bacteria and viruses, increasing anti-tumor activity, and keeping immune cells in balance ( from too little or over activity)

Remember that receptors are like a lock and key on cell outer walls or membranes. It opens the cell membrane enhancing its function. This is a very important activity!

The fact that Vitamin D receptors are found on numerous cell walls tells of its importance in maintaining good surveillance by immune cells. This part is also essential in anti-tumor activity.

Photo source: Wikipedia – macrophage.

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