Inside is Outside

What is Outside of You is Inside Too!

How do I look in this outfit? Am I presentable? Does this look good on me?

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If these questions and doubts come up when you are getting dressed and ready to go out to work, a meeting, to school, or to church, etc., maybe you want to take a deeper look. Worrying about how well we appear to others can be a deeper view to inner beliefs.

Certainly one does want to be well groomed, have nice clothing to wear, but if you are only concentrating on outside looks something is missing.

The something that is missing is YOU. Self doubts, negative beliefs, critical thinking all play a role in what is missing. Bolstering confidence, focusing on your positive traits and talents is needed as much as that new suite of clothes. New (or new to you) clothes can be a wonderful uplift to your spirit, and it is important to look great, but to feel great in that new outfit, the real question is what is circling in your mind? Inner reflections can reveal themselves outwardly as well.

What we deeply believe about who we are tells a story. It informs our moods, attitudes and even how we carry our body, like in our posture and muscle tension across the back, neck and shoulders. Take some time each day to appreciate the person you are, the accomplishments you’ve made, no matter how small, and express gratitude for life as it is right now. Spend one minute in the morning to look into the bathroom mirror and give thanks to yourself. Do this everyday and watch things change.

I’ve learned so much from Louise Hay’s affirmations. Her famous one is “I love and approve of myself”. So put on the new clothing and affirm yourself from the inside with an outside new look.

My thanks to Elizabeth Cramer of Everyday Best Style, who inspired me to share with women this important concept. I love looking my best in great clothing along with using a beautiful daily gratitude.


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