Introductory Excerpt from: “Healing Matters: Celebrating Women’s Innate Healing Nature”

As I began this project of researching and identifying the women who have made contributions, my disappointment rose. I stood in various libraries and found book upon book telling the history of medicine, very few were about women nor written by women. Even those few books about women were often written by men. The problem with this is simple: it’s just not the same story. Women telling the story (herstory) with their feminine voice view any history, including the history of medicine, very differently from men, and understand it differently.

The time has come to recognize this incongruity in healing, name it, and incorporate balance back into all aspects of medicine. In doing this, we will help people find their wellness. The medical team for the chronically ill individual may include physicians, researchers, bio-technicians, nurses, assistants, energy workers, body workers, acupuncturists, aides, social workers, and spiritual ministers. However in general, medicine as a whole is not well conected within its practice of helping people get well and stay healthy.


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