Is Agave Sweetener Good or Bad?

Here we go again, another food product is being scrutinized.  This time however I want you to know the deeper truth about whether agave sweetener is good or bad. You need to know!

The Problem

Obesity rates continue to rise across the country.  Currently more than one third of Americans are obese with middle age at the peak of weight gain – see CDC report.  The  real culprit is all the confusion and misinformation about what is really good nutrition.  More importantly, it depends who is reporting the information. People have been led to believe that agave was a “healthier” alternative to sugar. Probably not.

After my in depth research, I found that agave is not good as it is chemically altered, which is  mostly what is found in stores. Agave syrup comes from the succulent dessert plant (same plant tequila is made), but it is now so highly processed that it is worse than HFC (high fructose corn syrup)! It contains much more fructose than is good for our metabolism. The bottom line problem is that fructose consumption is rising which leads to liver problems. A liver that become fatty over time becomes non-functioning which may lead to cirrhosis of the liver and also liver cancer. Both diseases are on the rise.

Better Solutions

Choose less sweeteners overall in your foods. Know that your life is sweet enough!

Choose stevia as a sweetener if needed. There are better stevia products that do not have a bitter aftertaste. You can do your research and find pure products.

Choose honey or maple syrup and use in small quantities.

Avoid most processed foods and read all labels carefully!

Believe only partially what you read; be a detective when it comes to food that goes into your body.

In general, consume less sugar not only in foods but in drinks including alcoholic beverages.

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