Medical Radiation Hazards

The use of high technology diagnosing equipment such as CT (computed tomography) scans and imaging scans are reported to expose a person to higher levels of radiation than an x-ray.

Reza Fazel MD reported from her study in the New England Journal of Medicine in August 2009 that “Imaging procedures are an important source of exposureto ionizing radiation in the United States and can result inhigh cumulative effective doses of radiation”1.

This means having a diagnostic test done is important but over the years it does have an accumulative effect. Radiation damages cells and for some will cause cancer. Over 80% of these procedures are done on an outpatient basis this study revealed. The ionizing radiation accumulates and increases with advancing age.

Always be your own advocate in regard to tests performed on your body or your child’s. Only you know the complete medical history for yourself or your child. Don’t forget to include dental x-rays, mammograms, and imaging studies. It is all cumulative; it affects the health of cells and their DNA. The body does have innate repair mechanisms and can heal itself – up to a certain point.

Monitoring your health and diagnostic testing throughout life is another important aspect of staying well.



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