Homeopathy: Medicine or Magic

Real Medicine

The practice of homeopathic medicine has been around for over 200 years. Formulated by a medical doctor who grew tired of harsh medicine of his time, Samuel Hahnemann experimented with many natural substances and then observed the seeming miraculous healing results in his patients. What he further discovered that as a substance is diluted more and more, it becomes even more powerful. How was that possible? Critics in the science world said it was only a placebo effect or quackery. But neither is true. Homeopathy produces results in animals and children quite well.

Does It Work?

I was a big skeptic of these diluted remedies having worked in the science based medical world in nursing. Here is what I found. Time and again when I prescribe the remedies not only for myself, but also on many patients I’ve worked with, deep healing results. Sometimes I do feel like it is magic when I see the physical and mental changes that come from giving a correct remedy. It does take skill and a broad knowledge of the remedies: homeopathic doctors study for a long time. And yes, it does work!


What cannot be denied is the safety when using homeopathy. It is such an ideal system of medicine in babies and young children. It is a lifesaver in some chronic conditions as well as in acute medical situations. For someone frail, when prescription drugs may do harm, homeopathy can be an answer. It is a choice in health care that people deserve to know about.

How It Works

Homeopathy can be best described as a medicine that resonates with the body’s energy. When energetic vibrations are aligned, healing happens. Since life is about energy that animates our body, which we cannot measure precisely, we just know it exists. We know it because it keeps us alive. Homeopathy can be understood once we understand life force or also known as Qi (Chinese medicine) or Prana (Ayurveda medicine) or the Vis (naturopathy healing power of nature).

So this medicine is still a mystery and magic. And the truth is that it heals on deeper levels of mental, emotional and spiritual realms. I trust this now more than ever before. Once you have witnessed its  power there is little doubt.

Click here to learn more about how homeopathic medicine works.


One $ Trillion in One Year


In the United States it is a fact that the medical  cost of chronic illness is over one trillion  dollars in one year! Without changing anything it is unsustainable to this country. Not only does it cost $,  it takes a toll on quality of life and affects productivity at work.  More seriously, children are becoming chronically ill earlier than ever before. It is likely they may not see a healthy old age.


The top seven diseases that are robbing Americans from good health according to the Milken Institute Study are:

 Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary conditions and mental illness.  Who do you know with any of  these conditions? It is becoming clear that most of these diseases are preventable and in my experience can be reversed in many cases (though not all). But always, improvements CAN be made with changes. 


My work in medicine has evolved over the span of 50 years working in the medical arena. In my first career in the critical care arena, I worked in both ICU’s and Emergency Departments. The cases I saw were a mix of trauma medicine and repeated acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses. Even when clearly counseled how to take better care of themselves, a percentage of patients were not able to make the changes to get well (i.e. stop smoking, exercise more, etc) . They’d come back in again and again.

Then 24 years ago I moved to Naturopathic Medicine where I have again witnessed some similar patterns. People try to make changes they know they need to do, but often do not find success.


My observation is that people do not BELIEVE  things can change for themselves. Some insidious (often unconscious) inner voice keeps an old pattern of not taking good care of themselves alive. It is getting clearer to me as I work with folks the  truth of this. There are some people when I coach for wellness they start to see the light of change. It is  glorious to witness! Change always starts from the inside.

Belief in yourself begins with loving yourself totally and deeply. Feel good about taking the best care of yourself.

And your disease can begin to change.

Heal Your Life

Heal Your Life



Sorting through the internet hype about what is best for skin care can be daunting. Advertisers sell their specialty formulas only  adding  to the confusion. So here are some basic tips to consider.

BASIC FACT: Whatever  substance  is applied  to skin surface is absorbed.  Any lotion, potion, oil, perfume, deodorant, make up, lipstick etc, will penetrate skin layers which  goes directly into blood circulation.  We know this because medications and hormones are delivered in this manner. As an example drug and hormone  levels can be tested and  measured.

Skin is a barrier and also the largest organ of the body.  Not only does skin absorb substances, skin also eliminates waste products and toxins. Therefore it is imperative that our skin ”organ “ be kept clear and functioning well.

Skin products containing petroleum by-products are NOT good for healthy skin. Petroleum (from crude oil) acts as a good protective barrier for skin but does not allow skin to “breathe”.

TIP 1:  Skin cells needs nourishment. Oils that repair the skin by delivering nutrients is the answer. Whatever you apply to the skin you should be willing to also EAT! Some of the best oils to nourish skin are from food like vegetables, nuts and seeds.

TIP 2: One of the best oils comes from avocado. Readily purchased in the local health food market, avocado oil feeds the skin. Other oils to be considered are jojoba, olive, almond, flax, primrose,  sesame oil and cocoa butter.

Avocado oil just like the fruit we can eat, supplies sterolin compounds that penetrate into the squamous layer of skin. This is quite helpful for dry itchy and aging skin. More tips on avocado.

TIP 3: The best tip I can give you is something I have been doing  this winter with great success. After a bath or shower, while my skin is still wet, I apply 1-2 teaspoons of avocado oil all over my body (face too) then pat dry. After one week you will notice the terrific difference – no more itchy dry skin.



Flu Got You Scared?

Influenza flu virusknown as the flu is a viral condition that occurs most often in winter months. The media and the medical establishment are scaring people into getting the flu vaccine. But what if you don’t want to get that shot? There are options!

There are  precautions you can take and self care you can do to reduce your susceptibility to many winter viruses.

Here are my six tips and recommendations for keeping your body in better defense of unwanted critters:


  1. Keep your home and work environment air moist.  When air is dry (< 50% humidity), mucus membranes become dry making it easier for a virus to enter (and set up house). Humidifiers or vaporizer can be very helpful

Steam inhalation treatment:  Use this treatment at the very first sign of respiratory or flu symptoms.

Nasal washes or saline sprays can soothe away dryness and add moisture. Some people with chronic sinus infections are able to keep healthy with regular use of washes and sprays.  Here is an easy to use system designed by a medical doctor. I highly recommend this.

2. Hand washing is very important when you are out in public or shaking hands with others. It is important to remember that regular soap and water is sufficient. Avoid anti-bacterial cleansers that contain chemicals. They are harmful to health with constant use.
3. Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar suppresses immune function. So things like sweet drinks, donuts, candy, pastry and cookies burden the body. Read all package foods to learn the sugar content. Then avoid them.
4. Learn how to recover from STRESS! We all have life stressors, but how we recover from them is key. Take down time, reduce your schedule, ask for more help, take a bath….

  •  What’s stress got to do with it?    Learn more about stress here.
  • Deep and restful sleep at least 8 hours per night. Do not skip sleep; catch up on your sleep as soon as possible.

5. Eat foods that support your immune system: Mushrooms!

  • Other foods like dark greens and colorful orange/red veggies.
  • Dark blue/purple berry foods are important anti-oxidants.

6.      Take particular herbs and vitamins:

Astragalus is a powerful anti-viral herb and immune support.  It comes in liquid (extract that is easily used by the body), or capsules. A great preventive herb!

  • Vitamin C:  Linus Pauling from OSU (Oregon State University) did years of research that showed its effectiveness. Taking 1 gram a day can be helpful .
  • B vitamins in a complex formula are very helpful with making everything (the bio-chemistry) work just right.
  • Zinc is a powerful nutrient for better immune function. It improves white blood cell activity – the defense fighters.
  • Probiotics found in fermented foods supports immunity. Supporting friendly bacteria in the digestive system are a part of health plan . So, eat sauerkraut, yogurt, miso, tempeh or drink kombucha tea regularly. Probiotics also come in capsules.

While not any one of these remedies alone may be the answer, I feel a combination of these strategies can keep you ahead of cold and flu season. It may at least reduce severity and complications sometimes encountered. Staying healthy is a strategy.

So don’t be scared of catching the flu,  rather I encourage you to be proactive in your daily health care. By supporting your immune function, you CAN improve your chances of escaping the dreaded flu!

Be smarter by setting up your personal health plan with  the tips given above.

DISCLAIMER: These suggestions cannot  guarantee  freedom of illness. Each individual has unique circumstances for their health.  Please seek medical attention if your symptoms warrant medical care. Naturopathic medicine can provide wellness care tailored for you.

Dr. Jeanne offers Pure Encapsulation line of supplements that are hypoallergenic and formulated for doctors.  See Pure Caps Pro for your immune support.


Winter Water Therapy

In colder months we often don’t think about using water therapy or hydrotherapy, but it is an excellent time to utilize water for healing and improving immunity. Here are some three easy treatments you can use at home.

  1. Winter mineral bath: adding salts to hot bath is a comforting therapy on a cold winter night. If you feel cold symptoms come on, your cold and achy, or you want to fall asleep easily this is the right treatment for you! Add 2-4 cups of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) depending on the size of your tub. Soak for 20 minutes, rinse off with cool water, dry off and then lay down for at least 30 minutes. Sea salts can also be effective and can be mixed with the magnesium salts. Try adding wintergreen essential oil to a bath.
  2. Hot foot soak: fill up a basin with hot water, add Epson salts 4-6 tablespoons and a few drops of lavender oil. Immerse both feet into the hot tub, wrap a warm blanket around yourself and soak for 20 minutes. When done dip feet into a cool basin of water for 30 seconds, dry off and rest. Use the treatment for tired feet, a congested stuffy head cold, of symptoms of flu.

Both of these old time remedies allow the body to rest, become warm or even sweat which allows a gentle detox release to occur. These treatments can be done daily if necessary.

3. Steam Inhalation:Inhaled steam is so helpful for irritation and inflammation of the nasal passage, sore throat, coughs and bronchitis. Place a large pot of water on the stove filled with water. Bring to a boil.

Remove the pot off the stove to a hot pad on a table. Add 3-4 drops of essential oil such as eucalyptus or pine oil. Sit in a chair at the table with your face over the steaming pot. Place a towel over your head and steaming pot to trap in the steam. Slowly inhale and exhale the steam . Enjoy the warming sensation of the steam as it opens up passage ways. The essential oil vapor can have healing effects as well.

Hydrotherapy is centuries old. The treatments take some time, but when we are tired, overworked or sick, these therapies can shorten the illness or improve our body’s immune work. Try it out – it is worth the time.

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