On Turning 70 with Red Boots On!

From zero to 70 in a flash! That is what it feels like as I reflect my last 70 years of life. Successes and failures have been woven into my life, all teaching me something.  It is my hope to never stop learning. I have figured out that now that I have turned 70, the rest of life is easy!
 Last Saturday friends and family gathered to mark this auspicious decade with me. Sentiments were shared about what my life has meant to other others; expressing thoughts of love, warmth, healing and kindness.
Never sure how others viewed me, it was deeply refreshing to hear the words spoken about my work, genuine love for me and how I connect to others.  Letting in these words of sincerity and cheer is easier than ever before. Taking in and feeling the resonance, I am so grateful to be alive celebrating  my life.
Everyone deserves to hear such kind messages and to celebrate a well lived life.
What have been my biggest challenges? Learning to love myself and letting go of that inner critic! I now understand ( it’s called wisdom) the importance of being present in each moment, listening to others, welcoming  the connection to other beings, and letting go of comparison with the world. I now realize that some things really don’t matter that much.  Thank Goddess, life has gotten easier.
What will the next decade bring? I invite more adventure and travel, create time in the garden building ever more beauty,  spend quiet time with meaningful people with deep conversations and play with babies!
 One of the best gifts I received for my birthday are these RED cowgirl boots!
Pamela in boots
I want to kick up more fun and sass!  These boots represent the quiet rebel living inside who wants to be herself completely. I believe that as I age what keeps me going is my vitality and an even greater zest for life. Yahoo!
 I feel strong, vibrant and ready for continuing  adventures and creative projects. I look forward to  next decade to unfold! Will you ride with me with your red boots?
May all birthdays be celebratory! Pamela
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