One $ Trillion in One Year


In the United States it is a fact that the medical  cost of chronic illness is over one trillion  dollars in one year! Without changing anything it is unsustainable to this country. Not only does it cost $,  it takes a toll on quality of life and affects productivity at work.  More seriously, children are becoming chronically ill earlier than ever before. It is likely they may not see a healthy old age.


The top seven diseases that are robbing Americans from good health according to the Milken Institute Study are:

 Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary conditions and mental illness.  Who do you know with any of  these conditions? It is becoming clear that most of these diseases are preventable and in my experience can be reversed in many cases (though not all). But always, improvements CAN be made with changes. 


My work in medicine has evolved over the span of 50 years working in the medical arena. In my first career in the critical care arena, I worked in both ICU’s and Emergency Departments. The cases I saw were a mix of trauma medicine and repeated acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses. Even when clearly counseled how to take better care of themselves, a percentage of patients were not able to make the changes to get well (i.e. stop smoking, exercise more, etc) . They’d come back in again and again.

Then 24 years ago I moved to Naturopathic Medicine where I have again witnessed some similar patterns. People try to make changes they know they need to do, but often do not find success.


My observation is that people do not BELIEVE  things can change for themselves. Some insidious (often unconscious) inner voice keeps an old pattern of not taking good care of themselves alive. It is getting clearer to me as I work with folks the  truth of this. There are some people when I coach for wellness they start to see the light of change. It is  glorious to witness! Change always starts from the inside.

Belief in yourself begins with loving yourself totally and deeply. Feel good about taking the best care of yourself.

And your disease can begin to change.

Heal Your Life

Heal Your Life


Matters in Healing: Join Expert Author Dr. Jeanne on Saturday, October 13th!

Join the circle and reading with a discussion on what matters in healing with Dr. Pamela Jeanne.

Pamela has nearly 50 years of medical experience and will share her wisdom and knowledge.

This lively discourse will look at:

1. The contributions made by women in medicine,

2. How to get what you really need in today’s medical system.

3. Being your own best health advocate.

4. Why women are so in-tune with healing!


14 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211

Gretchen Vannice on Omega 3 fatty acids

Gretchen Vannice MS RD, author of  “Omega-3 Handbook: A Ready Reference Guide” clarifies some of the confusion on good fats. Listen to her discussion on selecting  good fats like Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy life. Did you know that 250-500 mg of EPA and DHA is recommended for everyone?

Ms Vannice is an expert and a researcher on Omega 3’s and the  knowledge she shares will help you sort out which are the best oils to take for the best health outcomes.

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Cleansing for Health with Dr. Ashley Boudet – MP3

Achieving great health and vitality  requires an active plan!   Disease develops over many years, even though it may seem to come on suddenly.  Participating in regular body cleansing routines by gently helping the body release toxins is a plan you can implement into your life and reverse chronic disease . What steps are you taking toward your individual health goals? Listen to this discussion by two naturopathic doctors who are passionate about detoxifying the body and want to share their knowledge with you!

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Reflexology Therapy for Health with Linda Pagenkopf – MP3

Foot Reflexology Therapy is an historic treatment employed by many cultures for thousands of years.  Currently it is practiced by trained therapists who practice this art for various conditions  including circulatory  tissues, swelling and fluid retention of the legs; it restores balance and harmony in the body.  Linda Pagenkopf is a certified reflexologist for 10 years. Hear this fascinating discussion on the ancient art.

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7/30/12 Dr. Lo Radio Show – Celebrating Women in Medicine with Dr Pamela Sky Jeanne

Dr. Pamela Jeanne, author of the moving and inspiring book, Healing Matters: Celebrating Women’s Innate Healing Nature, joins Dr. Lo to discuss the feminine (yin) role in medicine and how it is lacking in our current health care system. In this show, we’ll discuss the value of women in healing, historically and currently, how women can ask for what they need from their healthcare provider, and important women healers who… Read full article

7/30/12 Words Trumpet – Interview with Author Pamela Jeanne

I’m pleased to present a Words Trumpet interview with naturopath Dr. Pamela Jeanne. She and I worked together on her just-released book, Healing Matters, and in this interview she opens a window into the self-publishing process.

HealingMattersCould you start by telling a bit about the book?

The main theme of the book is celebrating and honoring the value women bring to healing. My writing addresses the fact that medical historical information both past and current, of the contributions by women on all levels of health care, has been missing and/or undervalued throughout recorded time. Most medical books… Read full article.