Red Meat and Stroke

Eating those hamburgers and steaks may be hazardous a study has concluded. Not what you may have been hoping to hear. An even greater problem are red meats that are preserved with nitrates and sodium (salt) the same study revealed. Processed foods again show up as unhealthy.

Old favorites like luncheon meats such as salami, pepperoni, bologna, hot dogs and liverwurst can be the worst of all.

Dr Adam Bernstein,  research director of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio,  reviewed data of several thousand people and looked at health outcomes.  Most participants were doctors and nurses studied from 1980 -2006 – a  25 year period.

Red meat has already been associated in other studies  with  coronary heart disease, diabetes, total mortality, weight gain, and some cancers. This finding added stroke as another outcome associated with regular consumption of a red meat and processed meat diet.

The good news is that with this same group of people, eating chicken and fish instead of red meat actually lowered  stroke risk.  So if you want to keep a healthier profile, replace red meat with chicken, fish or nuts as a protein source.

When choosing your protein source select  animals that have been fed well and hopefully have had a cage free life, have not been given growth hormones or antibiotics to enhance their growth.  Farmed fish is another poor choice of protein for reasons cited above.

Here is a list of other good choices of protein. Remember variety is good, so change it up often!

  • Nuts and seeds – nut and seed “butter”
  • Nut “milk”: almond or soy,
  • Soybean in the form of tofu or tempeh.
  • Turkey, chicken  and eggs.
  • Rice and beans are good protein combination
  • Goat and sheep cheeses.

Learn to be very selective in food choices. This study took 25 years to see the dire consequences of a type of food so many Americans eat daily.

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