Shiitake mushroom & Swiss Chard Stir-fry


Enjoy this easy to prepare vegetable dish. Swiss Chard is an excellent dark green leafy vegetable that belongs to the same family as beets and spinach. Native to the Mediterranean it has been honored as a medicinal food by the Greeks and Romans. Chard  is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, as well as dietary fiber and chlorophyll. In studies it has been shown that rates of colon cancer are reduced when there is regular consumption of Swiss chard. With quite high levels of Vitamin K1, it offers great help with bone strength (think osteoporosis). This is a healthy dish with Shiitake mushrooms as an immune enhancer and chard as great garden vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals.


1 bunch Swiss chard (rainbow or regular);

½ cup sliced shiitake mushrooms

1  shallot – sliced

1 Tblsp. Sesame oil or olive oil.

Option: 1/2 cup soaked then roasted walnuts to a light crunch, chop into pieces and serve with chard.

Wash and dry chard leaves – remove tough stalks and chop leaves & stems.

Heat oil in fry pan or wok and add shallots and shiitake slices and sauté for about 1 minute and then add chard leaves.

Cook for 5-7 minutes depending on the thickness of chard leaves. Try baby chard leaves, which will cook more quickly.

Serves 2-3

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