Awaken Your Brain – Yawn

How would you feel if I told you that in one minute you can awaken your brain and promote a deep sense of relaxation with stress reduction?

You may think -yeah if I take a drug or perhaps stand on my head! Well neither of these things is necessary. There is a very simple technique each and every one of us is capable of doing.

Studies that have monitored brain scans during this activity have found neural responses that generate social awareness, a sense of calm and the creation of feelings of empathy.

This activity is YAWNING a natural innate function we so often suppress for fear of offending others.   When we are tired we do need to WAKE UP the brain!

Researchers at Institute of Neurology in London have found that a small area of the brain called the precuneus is the center for yawning.

This area helps with 3 things:

1. Consciousness

2. Self-reflection

3. Memory retrieval

Yawning will actually relax you which will then bring you into alertness faster.

Yawning increases circulation bringing more oxygen to the brain.

Yawning evokes brain chemicals such as dopamine helpful for memory recall, voluntary control and temperature regulation.

If you want to increase your intimacy and bonding with a significant other – yawn together.

Other brain chemicals known as neuro-transmitters also increase while yawning. Dr Andrew Newberg from the University of Pennsylvania has been studying brain activity and writes in his book How God Changes your Brain, that brain chemicals such has GABA, serotonin and acetylcholine are affected when we yawn. Yawning also has positive effects on sex hormones and nitric oxide a potent blood vessel relaxant (helps lower B/P).

My advice is to yawn as MANY TIMES IN A DAY AS POSSIBLE. Allow yawns to occur in succession 8-10 times for best results. Happy yawning!