I Did It!

Completing My Dare.

Last blog I wrote about my challenge of a deep fear. Underwater.

I must admit it was a long way to travel to meet my fear, and was it worth it? Not only was it exciting to go extra miles, I was appreciative to be in warm waters of Mexico. Well worth the trip.

As I donned the heavy equipment required to suspend in deeper water (okay it was only 6 feet deep), I felt the responsibility of learning how to breath into a ventilator, get water out of my face mask, adjust my weight belt, and coordinate my fin feet to move all at the same time. It felt daunting not only when balancing the scuba tank, I had to eject water that accumulated in the mask. Simple task you may think, but when you’re trying to stay afloat and forget what to do next, water gets right up your nose. Not so successful!

Swimming like a fish in water was good exercise and thank goodness for my floatation jacket in some of the maneuvers. Being a good sport, I completed the hour plus exercise in the hotel swimming pool. No risks here. Not relishing to be in water over my head, I managed to navigate with all the equipment. And I did it!  Kudos to advance scuba divers, they have my utmost respect for their feats at the bottom of the ocean.

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-1-32-09-pmFor many years it has been an unspoken apprehension being immersed in deep water, and now I got to experience the dread again. This endeavor has taught me several things:

  • It is possible to step up closer to a fear and learn from it.
  • Not all fears need to completely met or walked through, rather they can be better understood by coming even nearer to the challenge.
  • Fear does not have to stop you, rather it can become a mindful lesson.

I know this experiment can be repeated again, with more time, practice and patience. This first underwater exposure was like dipping my toe to feel what it would be like. I love myself for taking the chance, to feel first-hand my fear. Fear is identified as: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Now that I have taken this step, I now see my ability to move forward, not held back like being frozen. Fear is a life blocker and an energy robber. By doing this experiment I have unblocked my hesitancy to do something perceived as fearful.

What fear may be interfering in your life? Ask yourself the question and sit with it. And wait…

Being free means releasing fears and being more open to what life is offering. The truth is that you deserve to have openness and clarity and it begins with self-honesty in our fear.

Water Therapy – Foot Baths

The simplest remedies can be the best. Previously I wrote about the daily shower tonic. The foot bath water therapy is another easy, inexpensive home therapy that works quite well and has therapeutic effects on the body. Available all year round, foot baths can be even more appreciated as colder weather sets in. Basic foot bath therapy was used 25 + years ago and earlier by women in the home, but its popularity of regular use has been lost. Reviving this therapy is exciting especially when its wonderful effects are understood.
Foot Bath Therapy Uses:

  • To relieve a congestive headache (from a stuffy cold or allergies)
  • To relieve a nosebleed
  • To relieve minor lung congestion
  • Soothes tired or sore feet (after hiking/running)
  • Increases body warmth
  • Relaxation

How To Do It.
A simple basin (square/round dish pan works well) is filled with hot water not above 106° -108°. Start at 102° and gradually add hotter water. Get cozy with a blanket around you and soak for 15-20 minutes. Have a pitcher of cold water nearby to rinse your feet at the end. Alternatively you can have a second basin filled with cold water and plunge your feet into cold for 30 seconds. Rejuvenating!
Caution: if you have diabetes or circulation impairment, check water temperatures carefully by using a thermometer.

Chronic Inflammation


In a previous writing I reported acute inflammation as a mechanism of healing tissue injury. Inflammation as a process is helpful, so when does it become problematic?

Problems start to mount when inflammation reoccurs and builds up inside the body The inflammatory process can spread insidiously over time which can lead to serious metabolic breakdown affecting long term health. America’s chronic heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer all have roots of inflammation

These are early symptoms that identify chronic inflammation:

General muscle body aches Indigestion
Chronic pain – joint or bone Shortness of breath
Congestion Skin eruptions – any type
Diarrhea Swelling
Infections – frequent Stiffness
Dry eyes Weight gain or obesity

If you have any of these imbalances it is time to put out the “fire” of inflammation. When you alleviate symptoms with medicines like aspirin, NSAIDS, etc that calm down inflammation, the inflammatory process is shut down for a short time, but the tissues do not heal. Disease can still progress.

Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Eliminate pro-inflammatory foods in your diet.*
  • Drink pure water half your body weight in ounces daily.
  • Orenda’s Immune has anti-inflammatory ingredients by gently removing fiery toxins and support immune function.
  • Drink super food OKI which contains Aronia berry with the highest anti-oxidant level of all the berries.
  • Sleep 8-9 hours a night; use O-Tropin spray that increases your growth hormone levels needed for restful deep sleep.
  • Do only the things you LOVE to do which includes loving yourself.

* http://www.naturalchoicesforyou.com/site/680805/page/631430

Be proactive with you health now; don’t wait for illness to show up.

Dr Jeanne has over 40 years of medical experience as a nurse and physician.  Contact her at 503- 720-8999 or drjeanne@comcast.net

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND

How Safe is Your Drinking Water

Sunday August 23, 2009 a front page article of the New York Times asked this question: “Just how much week killer is safe in your water glass”. The debate rages on while our water continues to have contaminants from industrial pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that “current regulations are adequate to protect human health and that atrazine now being found in water are at safe levels. Atrazine is a chemical compound classified as an herbicide used for many years by agriculture and it now finds its way to our drinking water. Some communities have monitored spikes of atrazine at various times associated with high use of herbicides according to the article.

What to do and who to believe. History has an ominous way of repeating itself as the EPA has admitted to “oops – we made a mistake” more than once. Why would a man-made chemical be deemed safe at any level in water? It has already been witnessed that  natural lakes have overgrown algae due to chemical runoff also associated with dying and malformed fish.

Note: Atrazine was banned in the European Union in 2004 because of its
persistent groundwater contamination.

Protect yourself now by drinking purest water that is filtered, use products like Orenda Immune to enhance cellular detoxification, and drink OKI that has high powered anti-oxidants per one ounce. The old saying “an ounce of prevention”………. Is worth more than a pound of cure!

Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne

Naturopathic physician