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There is an ongoing discussion about living beyond 100 years in the “anti-aging” world. Today I read in the May 2014 naturopathic journal NDNR, an article by Dr. Millie Lytle where she shared research that confirms some facts about the cell longevity.  Two of the biggest factors that influence aging are inflammation and the health of the immune system.  As a general statement, a body functions well when not inflamed and our host defense system is strong and active. Proudly, I can say, naturopathic medicine has continually promoted health from this perspective.

It is true that genetics have a role, but it is becoming more clear that keeping cells healthy supports genetics which is known as epigenetics. In other words, the support system has to be in great shape too. Even if you have good genes, if the body is neglected genes won’t necessarily save you.

So if you want to live to 120 in a healthy state, which is now considered possible,  boost up what you’ve been given. Reduce inflammation by eating well, remove inflaming activities (high stress) in your life, and  give the immune system all the help it needs.

In a great book titled Counterclockwise  by Lauren Kessler, the author wrote about how she self experimented on what keeps us from aging. Her take away is what you belief about aging matters the most! What do you believe on how you will age? It is an important clue!

Why Does Blood Pressure Matter?

Managing Healthy Blood Pressure

Managing Healthy Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure is closely related to the health of the blood vessels. These essential conduits contain the vital nutrients carrying precious blood to all tissues. The heart is the pump that makes it possible for the delivery system to work.

So how does a blood vessel stay healthy?

It is simple yet complex.  Here is a basic explanation:  free flowing blood in each blood vessel must reach every part of the human body for essential health and balance. However over time blood vessels can be injured in various ways, but most commonly the delicate lining can succumb to inflammation that then builds up a plaque or a thickness on the inside blood vessel wall. After years of these small inflammatory events and the body’s continuous effort to “repair” the “injury”, the thickness of the blood vessel walls continues to grow. The larger and the smaller blood vessels are affected to varying degrees. The important role of anti-oxidants is key in this repair process. If the repair is not kept up, blood vessels loose their full capacity, narrowing occurs and possible clots form that cause further problems (heart attack, stroke, kidney damage).

It is called a “silent killer” because high blood pressure usually gives no symptoms. People feel fine, but the damage is occurring.

Protection can be found in foods high in anti-oxidants. We now have through Orenda two delicious ways to get anti-oxidants!

Oki and Choki are power house super foods with extremely high anti-oxidants, excellent taste and a great way to help protect your blood vessels.

See WebMD article on “Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure”

Stay proactive with your health and start today!

Healthfully yours,

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND

Wellness Aging LLC

Swine Flu and What to Do

The news media is filled with flu season concerns that can be confusing and frightening. What if you do not want to receive a flu shot?

Are there alternatives? Can you still be safe?

The answer is yes! Those groups of people more impacted by flu are children under 5, adults over 65 and those with a significant chronic illness. All of these populations have one common problem: poor immunity or under developed immune function.

Knowing how to support immunity is essential to remaining healthy. From a naturopathic principle – the healing power of nature comes from the belief that the body can heal itself. Cells of the body are fertile ground every day for bacteria, fungi and viruses to cause harm, and at every moment active immune cells stay alert for these “invaders”.

The H1N1 (Swine Flu) is another variety of flu this year among other flu viruses. It is not more lethal than other viruses. More importantly the power of each person’s immune system is the critical factor for determining whether or not a person will get the flu or experience a mild case.

Here are a few essential places you can begin bolstering immune function:

  • Test Vitamin D levels as you enter the fall/winter months. Ideal levels are 50 – 80ng/ml. See your practitioner or Dr Jeanne for easy testing.
  • Supplement up to 5,000 IU of Vitamin D* each day as the summer sunshine slips away to keep levels in the optimum range.
  • Take Orenda’s Immune 2-4 caps/ day to help increase immune cell surveillance. It is the best immune product in the marketplace.
  • Stop high sugary foods: candy, pop, alcohol, donuts, and sugar loaded ‘health bars’.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night and allow yourself to feel rested.
  • Healthy life style habits will improve immunity; daily stressors will lower immunity.

Be good and kind to yourself and health will be yours.

Dr J. Cannell is a strong proponent of Vitamin D and health and has collected research at his website:

*QUOTE: “Vitamin D is perhaps the single most powerful nutrient in the known universe for preventing influenza”. ~ Mike Adams, natural health researcher and author.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND

Wellness Aging LLC




Much is known about inflammation as it occurs in the body, but most folks do not know its causes or how to correct and/or prevent flare-ups. In a series of weekly health tips these next few weeks, I will touch on causes of acute and chronic inflammation, then follow with how to prevent inflammatory reactions and finally how to restore the body’s balance if you suffer from many maladies associated with inflammation.

Is inflammation good? Actually it is a good response on the body’s part. Inflammation is actually a response by red and white blood cells and other biochemical markers to injury that has occurred to some tissue inside or outside the body. The easiest way to witness this recovery response is when skin is broken. Let’s say you accidently cut your finger on a knife or had surgery as in the photo above. The cut will close and repair itself using the inflammatory response. For example in this photo you’ll see light redness along the line of injury. The redness will disappear in a few days as the cut heals. This is the way the body repairs itself.  In this scenario inflammation is a positive mechanism. Red and white blood cells will rush to an injured-tissue. This mixture of cells along with platelets and special biochemicals such as interlukein-1 (IL-6)   do the repair work and then set down a matrix of repair tissue called scar tissue, which is the result of this special repair process.

It is amazing how the body can repair itself by using the inflammatory process for repair. Without the inflammatory process, tissue would be unable to “knit” together and therefore leaving a gaping hole much like a pot hole in a street.

In the next installment of this series, how inflammation occurs inside the body will be discussed.

Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne is co- owner of Wellness Aging LLC

Alkaline Diet

There is a buzz about alkaline diets and alkaline water. What is the fuss and is it real? The truth is that keeping the body in a more alkaline state is healthier. Cells are just happier and therefore function better in a more alkaline environment. On a Ph scale of 0-14, an acid state exists when a fluid registers below 7.0. Stomach acid, for example, is around 1-2 pH. In a more ideal state we want the fluids around cells to be above 7.0. All of the blood in circulation is in a very tight alkaline range (7.35-7.45) almost always or your body will die.
In an acidic environment that is below7.0 pH more inflammation is present. Joints feel achy and painful. In very complex interactions of proteins,minerals, ions and enzymes the balance of particles that are dissolved in body fluids influence the pH.
Why is pH important? More research is clearly showing increased cancer rates, heart disease rates and chronic diseases are associated with acid state inside the body. The great news is what we eat can change our alkaline and acid states.
Drink water instead of soda pop and caffeinated beverages. Eat a higher percentage of fruits and vegetables; the by products create an alkaline environment inside the body. Consume smaller amounts of dense protein like meat fish and eggs, reduce all sugary foods. Fact: sugars increase an acid state.
Health is up to you and an alkaline environment is a great step into wellness.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND
Wellness Aging LLC

Drinking for Your Health (Hydration)

What type of liquids do you drink each day? All cells need hydration to function well. Cell activity is defined by the ability to move bio chemicals in and out of each cell. Since each cell is autonomous it needs its own fluids to bathe it outside as well to move waste products from inside each cell. Take for instance a muscle which is actually a compilation of billions of cells clumped together forming a muscle tissue that performs a movement. What if the liquid (soda pop, alcohol or caffeinated drinks) consumed each day contains substances that impede this movement of the chemicals? A problem can ensue over time.

Recently it was reported that a high intake of cola soft drinks actually caused a loss of muscle strength so severe in several cases that some people were hospitalized. When the cola intake was stopped they completely recovered. Research concluded that the chemicals in the cola drink caused a loss of potassium which is needed by muscle cells to function.

Intake of any liquid on a regular basis needs careful scrutiny. Know all the contents of the liquid you are drinking. Symptoms likely will not suddenly appear but rather creep up over years of consumption. What you are drinking may be hazardous to your health.

Drink pure fresh filtered water, preferably not from plastic bottles. The amount of water varies from 4 – 8 cups (8 oz) per day. Climate and activity will vary your hydration intake. The old adage of drinking 8 glasses/day may not always be accurate. See:

View this link to inform yourself of the hazards soda consumption through out life.

Drink for your cells; drink for your health.

Hidden Threats in Plastics (phthalates)


Yet again plastics and their hazards are in the news. In an article in “The Week” a weekly news magazine, it was reported that phthalates (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability and longevity) are more harmful than has been revealed. It seems they disrupt hormones in the body. Clearly – not a good thing. A developmental deformity of the genitalia of baby boys is reported on the increase. Endocrine disruptors are responsible for interference of steroid hormones like estrogen and testosterone for example by binding to specific cell receptors. These plastic chemicals often have a very close molecular structure to our own natural hormones and cause a disruption to the normal function and/or growth of cells. In the case of baby boys, the formation of the penis is dependent on testosterone, but the look alike chemical is interfering with nature.

Where are these soft plastics found? They are in baby bottles and toys, water bottles, plastic dishes people microwave their food in, lipsticks and other cosmetics, some pharmaceutical pill coatings. It is most important to know that heat causes increased release of the phthalates.

We cannot depend on our government or the EPA to be our protectors nor can we rely on the food industry for safety. As an individual you must educate yourself and take action for you and your family’s health.
Here are some simple places to start:
• Avoid plastic water bottles. Get a good home water filtration system and use stainless steel or glass containers only to carry around water.
• Never microwave food in plastic – never.
• Purchase only natural cosmetics. Any product you put onto your skin and lips, consider yourself ingesting it. It is going into your bloodstream.
Theo Colburn PhD first wrote about the problem of endocrine disruption more that 15 years ago and has an updated website:

Information on these chemicals are found in scientific journals, books and research.1


Pamela Sky Jeanne ND

Portland, OR

Ten Americans


How Safe is the Environment?

There’s a non government watch dog group for chemical safety in America.
Environmental Working Group (EWG) based in Washington DC monitors safety (or the lack of it) of chemicals in our environment. Over the last decade information has been trickling in from various sources about what our bodies are being exposed to daily. Ken Cook president and founder of EWG does research and analysis of our national policy debates dealing with toxic chemicals, pesticides, air and water pollution, and the environmental impacts of modern agriculture
This video (link below) is a compelling and shocking exposure delivered with facts and humor about the state of our exposure.
It is imperative to understand the comprehensive solutions to this serious toxic soup we now find ourselves in. As a health care practitioner I recommend Orenda products with unique formulas that assist in detoxifying at the cellular level and supporting healthy cell function. The cell is truly where health begins and ends. Everyone who owns a computer and does internet searches would be foolish to do so without a comprehensive anti-viral program for protection. The same idea applies to the body. What are you doing to protect and deal with toxic chemical exposures on the cellular level? Even if you do not have an illness it does NOT mean you are safe and healthy.

Proactive health care is now necessary to stay healthy.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND