Live To 120?



There is an ongoing discussion about living beyond 100 years in the “anti-aging” world. Today I read in the May 2014 naturopathic journal NDNR, an article by Dr. Millie Lytle where she shared research that confirms some facts about the cell longevity.  Two of the biggest factors that influence aging are inflammation and the health of the immune system.  As a general statement, a body functions well when not inflamed and our host defense system is strong and active. Proudly, I can say, naturopathic medicine has continually promoted health from this perspective.

It is true that genetics have a role, but it is becoming more clear that keeping cells healthy supports genetics which is known as epigenetics. In other words, the support system has to be in great shape too. Even if you have good genes, if the body is neglected genes won’t necessarily save you.

So if you want to live to 120 in a healthy state, which is now considered possible,  boost up what you’ve been given. Reduce inflammation by eating well, remove inflaming activities (high stress) in your life, and  give the immune system all the help it needs.

In a great book titled Counterclockwise  by Lauren Kessler, the author wrote about how she self experimented on what keeps us from aging. Her take away is what you belief about aging matters the most! What do you believe on how you will age? It is an important clue!