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How Safe is the Environment?

There’s a non government watch dog group for chemical safety in America.
Environmental Working Group (EWG) based in Washington DC monitors safety (or the lack of it) of chemicals in our environment. Over the last decade information has been trickling in from various sources about what our bodies are being exposed to daily. Ken Cook president and founder of EWG does research and analysis of our national policy debates dealing with toxic chemicals, pesticides, air and water pollution, and the environmental impacts of modern agriculture
This video (link below) is a compelling and shocking exposure delivered with facts and humor about the state of our exposure.
It is imperative to understand the comprehensive solutions to this serious toxic soup we now find ourselves in. As a health care practitioner I recommend Orenda products with unique formulas that assist in detoxifying at the cellular level and supporting healthy cell function. The cell is truly where health begins and ends. Everyone who owns a computer and does internet searches would be foolish to do so without a comprehensive anti-viral program for protection. The same idea applies to the body. What are you doing to protect and deal with toxic chemical exposures on the cellular level? Even if you do not have an illness it does NOT mean you are safe and healthy.
Link: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4414655/11837407

Proactive health care is now necessary to stay healthy.

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