Dare To Defy Aging

How Old Do You Believe You Are?

The concept of aging is changing (thank goodness), however sometimes old beliefs or concepts of what it means to age may live deeper in your unconscious mind. If that is true, unknowingly we can make decisions based on an old buried idea of what it means to age. For an example, if you feel less energetic you could say internally, “It must be because I am just getting old”.

Adding fear of becoming inept as we get older increases fuel to the aging fire.

Belief systems direct aging

Continuing to hold aging fears may lead to engaging in fewer activities, which turns into more sitting at home, losing interest in life, reducing muscle mass, further leading to more inactivity. Sort of a downward spiral begins.  Beliefs often start by what we witness in our family, our community and the culture.

If your grandparents live to 75 year of age, you may believe that you’ll have the same pattern and begin to plan your demise. If these same grandparents and/or parents have chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes or cancer, you too may be convinced it is your fate. Most chronic diseases we see today research has confirmed are not genetic, but rather lifestyle caused.

Fortunately, the current baby boomer generation is not willing to slow down and resign to a nursing home. By becoming pro-active, this group has helped shift consciousness around the process of aging. This is not anti-aging (actually an oxy-moron), but a commitment to age wisely, strongly and well. Studies have clearly shown that mind set and beliefs around aging is a huge factor in being well into later decades.

Factors to consider:

  • Be proud of the years you hold. They are well earned!
  • Continue to challenge or even dare to do something very different.
  • Surprise yourself as well as family and friends with new accomplishments.
  • Make it enjoyable whatever you decide to do.
  • Avoid the fixation of “living on a fixed income”; get creative with your life and money. Working as a greeter at Walmart maybe fun after all.

The most helpful thoughts you can choose to have is gratitude for what life has given you and the wonderful life you now have. A shift into a positive attitude can make a tremendous difference for you. Put dare into your life and be the recipient of renewed experiences.

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