The Heart of the Matter and Blood Pressure

One of the major ways to lower blood pressure is weight loss. This can be daunting for many people in America, but action now will prevent debilitating chronic illness such as high blood pressure related diseases: heart failure or heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness etc.

Of important discussion is heart failure. It occurs in people later in life often stemming from chronic elevated blood pressure. Imagine if you continuously needed to push a substance through a pipe that was too narrow for the volume (sort of like a sewer line). The pump would fail in time from too much stress and strain; a work load that is too demanding. Now if that pipe got cleared out of the debris and opened wide to allow flow, the strain on the pump would be relieved.  Our hearts are very hard working pumps that require efficiency to stay tuned and humming.

Weight loss through good nutrition, moderate regular exercise and good water intake are the best starting points. Move your body in an enjoyable ways. Create your rhythm. Dance. Laugh. Find your inner harmony. When we don’t move because we allow stress to immobilize us we are robbed of health and balance.

I am passionate about health and committed to helping others create and find their way to great health. It starts with a healthy heart, blood vessels and blood pressure.

Aronia berry found in Orenda’s OKI has been well studied and research shows aronia’s power to increase blood vessel dilation.

Direct vasoactive and vasoprotective properties of anthocyanin-rich extracts

Combination therapy of statin with flavonoids rich extract from chokeberry fruits enhanced reduction in cardiovascular risk markers in patients after myocardial infraction (MI).

That is both good for your heart and blood vessels.

Drink OKI daily and stay well everyday….

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