The Power of Belief

What we think about everyday impacts us. I am referring to the almost unconscious thoughts that run through our minds. It’s these thoughts, believe it or not, that drive our lives. Often belief systems about who we are can sound like:  “I’m not good enough or smart enough” or “I could never do that” (work with numbers, earn a degree, or build a company) or “I never get a lucky break” which manages our lives. Thoughts become our beliefs become our action.

Get in touch with those underlying thoughts that often run like an undercurrent within the daily mind babble.  It is estimated that we run 60-90,000 thoughts a day. Phenomenal!  What are we thinking? It is only when we become aware of the content of our thoughts, that we can begin to change them. By changing thoughts our beliefs change and in a short time, your life can change.

Here is one of my stories of change.

As a young woman working as an RN, I was quite sure I could never become a doctor – nor did I want to become like the MD’s working around me. But as I changed my beliefs over the next few years, it became clear that I could create what I truly wanted. So I did become a physician by changing my ideas of what was possible. I envisioned my life’s work into becoming something different by first seeing in my mind the desire to help people in a new way. It led me to the naturopathic college in Portland, OR – National College of Natural Medicine. I graduated in 1990.

This was a healing step for me because I got to work within a sane and loving environment that I created. My work was rewarding and the stress on my body was lower than if I continued to work in hospital systems. My mind had the power to change my beliefs of what I could do or thought possible. I made new things happen. And it was mine to do. This is the power of belief.

Think about what changes you have already created in your life. What do you now want in your life? What changes are needed? Start with the  power of the mind. Create a vision by drawing it or cutting pictures and pasting them on a board. See it and feel it everyday!  Know in your heart what you want for yourself. Listen inside for the next steps needed. Then take them. And keep going…



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