The Power of Earthing

 What is Earthing?

Earthing is a relatively new term that describes our human connection with our mother earth, however wise naturopathic doctors of the past embraced this concept by encouraging people to bathe and connect with the outdoors elements.  An old concept being reborn.

In our modern way of living, we are disconnected with touching the earth on a regular basis. We are so busy!

A typical day could look this way: we get up in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, go into our attached garage from our house or apartment, then hop into the car and drive to work. The vehicle is parked again in a work garage; we go up into a building and spend a day never even breathing fresh outside air. Going home is a reverse of our morning. Depending on what time we get home, we may not touch the earth even once!

The relationship of our bodies to the earth is now understood; there is a clear connection of the subtle yet powerful energies they have with each other.

Body Currents:

Human bodies contain multiple electric currents such as in the brain, the heart and nervous system. Similarly earth is a filled with grids of electric currents that are natural, flowing and connecting. As we have become separated from living outdoors and touching the earth regularly, we have incurred a lack of grounding of our energies with earth’s energies.

This grounding connection called earthing has significant and profound effect on health, balance and wellness.

Grounding or earthing practice can be as simple as walking barefoot in grass, lying down on the ground, digging in garden dirt, camping outdoors and yes even hugging trees! Just one or two generations ago (ask your grandparents) people lived more thoughtfully with the earth relative to today. Children played and ran around outside with abandon, rolled and wrestled on the ground, climbed trees and felt safe outdoors. It is a different scenario today.

Barefoot in grass

Notice if changes occur after spending more “earth” time, like sleeping better, more peacefulness inside, better mood etc.

Ongoing scientific research shows how people feel better, sleep better and have reduced pain when in physical contact with the earth. Experiment with the power of earthing and spend more time outdoors and see what it can do for you! Spring is almost upon us, so it’s a perfect time to begin.




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