Think Skin Products are Safe? Think Again!

We have this organ; the largest one of the body, called skin, the outer protector, also a detox organ, and the ultimate body covering that lets things in while also letting things out. If skin does not function as it should we become ill and ultimately we could die.

So skin is a living, “breathing” and functioning system all too often ignored for its importance. The skinny on skin is that what we put onto the skin goes directly inside the body via lymph fluid that empties directly into the blood circulation. Now that is really going inside.

Of course we know the blood delivers food, oxygen, minerals and vitamins to our cells so they can function, but did you know that the skin also assists in eliminating what is no longer needed? Hence skin is an organ of detoxification. Teaching medical students at National University of Natural Medicine a course called Nature Cure, this is an essential lesson. In class students experience skin care by using poultices to heal the skin, water therapy to help circulation, skin brushing to assist in elimination. These therapies have been loosing public interest in the last few decades and it’s imperative to remember the important role they play in keeping healthy.

In that same vein, be aware of topical products including all cosmetics containing hidden chemicals, which with regular use accumulate over time, eventually will cause harm.

Skin is so porous that anything that applied on it will go in. Think of sunscreen and bug spray.

The cosmetic industry is not well-regulated therefore toxic materials such as heavy metals, preservatives, and toxic harsh chemicals are added without studies. There is little information to know the long-term effects. Cosmetic use starts in teen years lasting 5 to 7 decades. Do you wonder why cancer rates keep rising?

The Environmental Working Group is a Washington DC watchdog non-profit organization whose main intent is revealing these hidden dangers. Here is a test for you: take your current cosmetics and lotions you apply regularly to their website and learn more about the products you are using. You may be very surprised.

Dare to be proactive in your own care.  One body, one lifetime and it’s up to you to make great choices.

Think again about safe skin care products. I am curious to know what you learn.

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